Credit Card Tips

Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Credit Card

Credit Card Tips
August 24, 2021
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Your credit card should match your lifestyle. Choose from perks like airmiles, cash rebates, points, and more to earn from your purchases.

Whether you're a shopaholic or a frequent flyer, there's a credit card that can enable you to maximize its features and benefits to your advantage. It's a matter of picking the one that best suits your unique lifestyle and spending habits.

Most, if not all, credit cards let you enjoy various perks whenever you make a purchase. Some cards offer cashback or rewards points, which can be exchanged for credits, gift items, or vouchers.

Others are tailored for travelers, having priority check-in and free flights as part of their benefits.

To help you choose the perfect credit card that offers rewards befitting your lifestyle, we've rounded up different types of credit cards, their features, and the benefits that can come with them.

Types of Credit Cards

With a lot of options available, which kind of card should you apply for? Below, you'll find a list of different credit cards and our picks for each type. You can use this as your guide when choosing the best credit card for you.

  1. Rewards Credit Cards

    Basic credit cards only charge interest every time you use them. A rewards card, however, offers you incentives for every transaction. The usual perks come in the form of cashback, points, and airline miles. If you can pay your monthly balances in full and never get any interest, a rewards card is a good match for you. As you consider the features of a rewards card, check out our top card picks:

    • Flex Gold Visa

      The Flex Gold Visa card has tons of benefits fit for young professionals. You can earn twice the points when you use the card to purchase from your three preferred categories— choose among travel, groceries, household appliances, gas, or department stores. Read more about Flex Gold Visa.

    • Gold Mastercard

      The Gold Mastercard is for those who are climbing up the ladder of success. It comes with a convenient bills payment feature which can be beneficial when juggling your finances to balance your wants and needs. This card also enables you to earn flexible non-expiring rewards points from all your purchases. Read more about Gold Mastercard.

    • Classic JCB

      The Classic JCB card is the best choice for young professionals enjoying their financial independence. Purchasing with your hard-earned money is a great feeling, especially when you're also making flexible non-expiring rewards points from it. With this card, you can convert your bargains into installments payable for up to 36 months, which can be very useful when you're starting to build your own life. Read more about Classic JCB.

  2. Co-Branded Credit Cards

    Ideal for regular store customers, a co-branded card is a partnership between brands and banks to create special cards to honor their loyal patrons. Think of it as a mix of a rewards card and a store loyalty card where you can enjoy special deals, discounts, points, and more by shopping at your favorite store. Co-branded cards are not limited in-store, though—you can also swipe it anywhere like a regular credit card.

    There are tons of co-branded cards available, with collaborations ranging from gas stations to grocery stores. Here are some excellent options to look into:

    • AirAsia Credit Card

      The AirAsia Credit Card is perfect for jet-setters or frequent travelers who want free flights. Your accumulated AirAsia BIG points can be used to either redeem free flights or get vouchers from Grab, Lazada, or SM Gift Pass. Read more about AirAsia Credit Card.

    • Landmark Anson's Mastercard

      The Landmark Anson's Mastercard combines the benefits of a credit card, loyalty card, and discount card. This all-in-one card is best for families who frequent department stores and groceries. Shop at Anson's or Landmark on weekdays and make the most out of your purchases with the card's 5% rebate. Read more about Landmark Anson's Mastercard.

    • MANGO Mastercard

      The MANGO Mastercard allows you to enjoy stylish shopping privileges at Mango, Mango Man, and Mango Kids. Avid shoppers can get exclusive access to Mango VIP Sales and notifications on their latest offers by applying for this card. Plus, it allows 0% installment on your Mango purchases, payable for 3 or 6 months. Read more about Mango Mastercard.

    • Phoenix Mastercard

      With the Phoenix Mastercard, you can get a 5% fuel rebate and free ₱500 worth of Phoenix Fuel. You can also take advantage of free towing and roadside help if you need it. Read more about Phoenix Mastercard.

  3. Travel or Airmiles Credit Cards

    Travel or airmiles credit cards allow you to earn airline miles with every purchase you make using the credit card. You can access tons of travel perks and privileges with this card, making your trips a breeze. Not only can you stay at exclusive airport lounges, but you can also get discounts on car rental services.

    Here are some top-notch picks for travel or air miles credit cards to help you sift through the perks that matter most:

    • Visa Platinum

      The Visa Platinum card lets you relish in the Preferred lifestyle. It comes with the Preferred Airmiles program, a feature in which you can earn free flights faster, and the Complimentary Priority Pass™, a membership program that admits you to over 1,300+ airport VIP lounges worldwide. Read more about Visa Platinum.

    • Black Card Platinum Mastercard

      If you're a high-status, career-minded individual with a taste for the finer things in life, the Black Card Platinum Mastercard is for you. With this card, you can get up to ₱1,000,000 worth of travel insurance and up to US$200 value of Purchase Protection. Additionally, you can enjoy a 0% installment on your purchases abroad. Read more about Black Card Platinum Mastercard.

    • JCB Platinum

      The JCB Platinum card is a prestigious card that allows you to earn flexible and non-expiring rewards points. It specifically caters to travelers who often visit Japan, whether for business or pleasure. When you swipe your JCB Platinum card to make transactions in the country, you earn more points that can be used to get air miles. Read more about JCB Platinum.

  4. Affinity Credit Cards

    If you want to leave an impact on your community and support your chosen causes, a charity credit card is for you. This type provides you with the opportunity to donate a percentage of each purchase to a specific organization.

    Some charity credit cards support environmental groups, homeless children, feeding programs, or women shelters. Having your charity card make automatic donations also saves you time and effort. You can help out just by using the card for your day-to-day expenses. Here's one of the best charity cards in the market:

    • Diamond Card Platinum Mastercard

      The Diamond Card Platinum Mastercard  is the only RCBC Bankard credit card with a Diamond Cares Program, supporting Gawad Kalinga's Kusina ng Kalinga and Zonta Foundation for Women. For every ₱100 of your purchase, your card donates ₱0.10 to your chosen charity.

      For gracious hearts who'd like to help both organizations, you can switch charities whenever you want. Read more about Diamond Card Platinum Mastercard.

What to Do When Choosing a Rewards Credit Card

Now that you know the differences among credit card types, it's time for you to learn how to pick the one that you can enjoy the most. Follow these tips!

• Identify your major purchases

Determine what kind of rewards you want to enjoy. The ideal credit card depends on your needs. Are you a frequent flyer? If so, a travel or air miles card is the perfect fit for you. Once you've reviewed your spending habits and considered the perks you desire, you'll be able to pin down the specific type you'd want to apply for.

• Narrow and compare your options

Once you have a shortlist of potential credit cards, compare their rewards by checking each card's rewards program. You can look for their rates and fees, welcome bonuses, and other benefits. Lay them all side by side and weigh the perks and features that matter to you the most. Which card will you get the most out of? The list above can be your guide.

• Review the fees

Aside from perks, you should also consider any fees that might come with your cards, such as foreign transaction fees and annual fees. It's best to have a card with only a few payment commitments to take care of, so apply for a credit card with no annual fee in the Philippines to lessen your load.

You can find your card's fee information when you look more into the details of your card's charges. Of course, you don't want any unexpected expenses throughout your rewards card experience. So, review the extra costs of your card to find out what you will be paying for when you get approved for the card.

• Check how to redeem

Earning points can be an exciting experience. Depending on your card, you can convert rewards points as gift cards or get cashback rewards, like cash through bank deposits.

Learn how to redeem points by reading through either your card or your bank's terms and conditions. You may redeem points by calling customer service or accessing a rewards redemption option in your online account.

• Make sure you're in the right financial situation

Rewards cards have a lot of benefits if you use them responsibly. However, you'll stumble into some problems if you're already carrying a significant amount of credit card balance and unable to pay your monthly statements. You don't want interest rates and late payment fees to outweigh the rewards, so monitor your finances to make sure you can enjoy your rewards card.

Earn Extra on Everyday Purchases

Getting a credit card is a great financial move if you pay your balances on time and in full. When you find the right one for you and use your card on daily purchases responsibly, you can earn free air miles, cash, and other perks. So, make sure to choose the best credit card that fits your spending habits and lifestyle to maximize its benefits.

RCBC Bankard has a wide range of credit cards with various rewards, special features, and attractive benefits. Find the one that fits you well. Apply online now!

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