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Meet Erica, your RCBC Credit Card interactive customer service assistant.
She can assist you with things like:

Providing your card details

Erica can get your account information such as available limit, balances, last payment details - instantly, anytime!

Card Activation

Got a new, renewed, or replacement card? Erica can help you with card activation!

Paying a utility bill (SOON!)

It only takes one chat with Erica to charge a utility bill to your RCBC Credit Card or enroll a new biller!

Card Application

Erica can also assist you with your credit card application.

Staying informed

Ask Erica to check the latest promos so you're sure you get the best deals on shopping, dining, online, installment, and more!

How to start a conversation with Erica?

via Website

Go to our website and click on Erica's icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Start a conversation by asking a question or choosing a category from the selection.

via Messenger

Go to or search for "Chat with Erica" on Messenger.

a. The RCBC Bankard Chatbot shall be referred to as “Erica”, that can be accessed via RCBC Bankard website and Facebook Page.
b. The term “CLIENT” hereunder will refer to all users of Erica
c. Erica allows RCBC Bankard cardholders to access their authorized and/or eligible card account via website and Chat with Erica via Facebook Page/Messenger. Client will undergo an authentication process whenever he/she accesses his account.
d. By using the Erica, the CLIENT agrees to the following terms and conditions in addition to those contained in RCBC Bankard Application Form and other contracts which the CLIENT signed when he/she opened his/her account(s).

2. Use of RCBC BANKARD CHATBOT - Credit Card
a. To access Erica, the CLIENT must go to the RCBC Bankard website ( or Chat with Erica Facebook page and open the messaging platform. CLIENT will be asked to accept these Terms and Conditions and provide the required Security Information for every applicable features and requests.
b. Only active RCBC Bankard credit cards can be used to perform the transactional features of Erica.
c. By utilizing Erica, the CLIENT hereby warrants that all information provided to RCBC Bankard is true, complete and up to date. The CLIENT acknowledges that his/her nominated email address and/or mobile phone number maintained in RCBC Bankard's records are active and valid and shall be where all enrollment, password-related information, and other online correspondences will be sent by RCBC Bankard. Any update in CLIENT information in RCBC Bankard's records may be made by calling RCBC Bankard Customer hotline (632) 8888-1888.
d. The CLIENT hereby warrants that Erica is for the sole and exclusive use of the CLIENT.

3. One-Time Password (OTP)
a. The OTP is a unique code to be sent by SMS to the CLIENT's registered mobile number each time the CLIENT utilizes Erica for transactional or account related inquiries.
b. The CLIENT acknowledges that any Credit card number and OTP (the "Security Information") used in Erica is unique to himself/herself and agrees to keep these strictly confidential at all times.
c. The CLIENT shall exercise reasonable care and diligence, and is responsible for the confidentiality of the Security Information. The CLIENT shall not disclose the Security Information to any person. Any transaction performed or consummated through the use of the Security Information shall be charged to the CLIENT's credit card account.
d. The entry of three (3) successive invalid or incorrect Security Information will lock-out the CLIENT's access to the transactional features of Erica and CLIENT may reattempt use of the transactional features of Erica after 24 hours.

4. Account Related Chatbot Transactions
a.Account balance inquiry: Account information may indicate the balance as of system date or as of the last batch process, or as of the last statement date.
b. Bills Payment On-demand and Auto-Charge: Existing terms and conditions of the RCBC Bankard Fast BillsPay facility shall apply.

5. CLIENT's Responsibilities
a. The CLIENT shall provide security information such as Credit Card number and OTP as RCBC Bankard may reasonably require in order to provide the services hereunder. The CLIENT warrants that all information to be provided is accurate, complete and up to date.
b. The CLIENT shall keep all personal information private and shall not disclose the same to unauthorized persons.
c. The CLIENT shall keep records of his/her transactions, review and reconcile his/her transactions history details and statements for any errors. Unauthorized entries or transactions should immediately be reported to RCBC Bankard.
d. The CLIENT undertakes to notify RCBC Bankard immediately of any failure or delay in execution of instructions through the use of Erica, by writing, or calling the RCBC Bankard Customer Service thru (632)888-1888.
e. The CLIENT undertakes and warrants that his/her use of Erica, specifically, bills payment, does not and will not violate the applicable provisions of the rules of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Anti-Money Laundering Act, its amendments and other pertinent laws, government rules or regulations.
f. The CLIENT hereby authorizes RCBC Bankard or its duly authorized personnel to disclose personal information to any of the offices, branches, subsidiaries, agents and representatives of RCBC Bankard and third parties selected by any of them, wherever situated, for use in connection with the provision of any service or product relating to the CLIENT's account(s) (including data processing and storage, anti-money laundering monitoring, reviewing and reporting, statistical and risk analysis purposes). In addition to the foregoing, the CLIENT hereby authorizes RCBC Bankard and any branch, subsidiary, affiliate, agent, representative, third party or its duly authorized personnel to transfer or disclose to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Anti-Money Laundering Council, Bureau of Internal Revenue, the U.S. IRS, or such other relevant regulatory agency and their duly authorized representatives, any information in relation to the Account/s with RCBC Bankard as may be required by law, regulation, or agreement.
Likewise, the CLIENT hereby authorizes RCBC Bankard or its duly authorized personnel to disclose to its foreign and local correspondent banks the information specified herein (and such other additional information provided to RCBC Bankard by the CLIENT) for purposes of satisfying the requirements of the latter in relation to the processing, anti-money-laundering monitoring review, investigation, and audit of the transactions on the CLIENT's present and future Accounts.
Likewise, the CLIENT hereby authorizes RCBC Bankard or its duly authorized personnel to disclose to third party tie-ups and other institutions if the client avails of this channel.
The CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold RCBC Bankard free and harmless, including its officers, directors, employees and representatives, against any and all disputes, claims, demands, losses, penalties, liabilities, costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever, imposed on, incurred by or assessed against the CLIENT in respect of or in connection with the information provided in relation to the Accounts, the disclosure of such documents and information on the Accounts, and the consent herein granted.
g. It is agreed and understood that any disclosure of your Account information other than by RCBC Bankard as aforestated by reason or as a result of your access or use of Ericashould not be considered as, and cannot be the basis of prosecution for, violation by RCBC of the Secrecy of Bank Deposits law.

6.CLIENT's Liability
a. The CLIENT shall be responsible for all consequences arising from or in connection with his/her use of Erica, such as but not limited to, all transactions processed through Erica whether or not processed with the CLIENT's knowledge or authority.
b. The CLIENT undertakes to ensure, and accepts full responsibility, for keying in the correct account number/s, amounts and other pertinent details of the transaction/s initiated through Erica. In no case shall RCBC Bankard be liable for any erroneous transaction/s arising out of or relating to the CLIENT's providing wrong information through Erica.
c. The CLIENT agrees to hold RCBC Bankard and/or any of its directors, officers, employees or representatives free and harmless, from any and all claims, suits, damages, costs, liabilities, charges, obligations or expenses of any kind, and shall indemnify them upon demand for all losses, damages and expenses they may suffer or incur, arising from or in connection with the CLIENT's violation of its undertakings and warranties herein or from the use of Erica, unless such losses, damages and expenses are due to RCBC Bankard's gross negligence or willful default.

7. RCBC Bankard's Liability
a. RCBC Bankard shall only be obliged to act on any instructions received with the use of the Security Information.
b. RCBC Bankard represents that it has applied a range of security controls to protect its system from unauthorized access. Nonetheless, RCBC Bankard makes no representations or warranties as the security of any information, transaction, or instruction transmitted through Erica. RCBC Bankard shall not be responsible for any loss of security or information or any loss or damage suffered or incurred by the CLIENT arising from or in connection with its electronic transmission of instruction, transaction or information, notwithstanding the employment by the CLIENT of any additional security layer that may be made available to the CLIENT.
c. Except if due to the gross negligence or willful default of RCBC Bankard, and only to the extent of direct loss and damage arising directly and solely therefrom or the amount of the transaction (whichever is less), neither RCBC Bankard and/or its directors, officers, employees or representatives assumes any liability or responsibility to the CLIENT or any other person for:
i. Use of Erica
ii. Any interruption, suspension, delay, loss, unavailability or any other failure to access Erica whether due to maintenance work, network or systems failure, act or omission of third-party service providers, malfunction, power failure, breakdown or inadequacy of equipment or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of RCBC Bankard, or any law, regulation, government or court order;
iii. Disruption, failure or delay relating to or in connection with credit card transactions due to circumstances beyond the control of RCBC Bankard, fortuitous events such as, but not limited to, prolonged power outages, breakdown in computers and communication facilities, typhoons, floods, public disturbances and calamities and other similar or related cases;
iv. Loss or damage which the CLIENT may suffer arising out of any fraudulent or unauthorized utilization of Erica due to theft or unauthorized use of his/her email or phone and/or unauthorized disclosure of the Security Information and/or violation of other security measures with or without the CLIENT's participation and/or arising out of authorized use of Erica and/or Security breaches or account compromise on third-party platforms where Erica may be accessed e.g. Facebook Messenger, Viber etc
v. Inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information received due to disruption or failure of any communication facilities used for Erica;
vi. Improper, unauthorized use of Erica or recklessness or accident in connection thereof.
vii. Any adverse consequences whatsoever on the CLIENT's connection to, or use of, the internet, and shall not be responsible for the CLIENT's use of an internet connection in violation of any law, rule, or regulation or violation of the intellectual property rights of another.
d. In case of any dispute between the CLIENT with a third party to whom payment or transfer of funds is effected through Erica , RCBC Bankard shall not be answerable to either the CLIENT or any third party for any amounts, fees or charges in connection with such dispute. The CLIENT hereby acknowledges that such dispute is personal between him/her and the third party.
e. RCBC Bankard shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss, loss of profit or damage that the CLIENT may suffer by reason of the use or failure or inability to use Erica. This provision shall survive the termination or suspension of the right to use Erica.

8. Amendments
RCBC Bankard shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms and conditions pertaining to Erica at any time, and, shall give a 60 Days prior notice to the CLIENT by posting the amended Terms and Conditions on RCBC's website or in Erica facility itself. The CLIENT is responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions including amendments thereto as may be posted on RCBC's website or in Erica facility.
The amended Terms and Conditions stipulated by RCBC Bankard will thereupon apply to and be binding on the CLIENT at the expiry of one month from the date of notice. By continuing to use Erica, the CLIENT shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms and Conditions.

9. Privacy Policy
In Pursuant to the Data Privacy Policy of RCBC Bankard, the CLIENT understands and agrees that RCBC can process the CLIENT's data for purposes not contrary to the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its implementing rules and regulations, and other issuances of the National Privacy Commission.

10. Miscellaneous
a. The CLIENT understands and agrees that, use of or connection to the internet is inherently insecure, and that such a connection provides an opportunity for unauthorized access by third parties to the CLIENT's computer systems, networks and any and all information stored therein. All information transmitted and received through the internet is subject to unauthorized interception, diversion, corruption, loss, access, and disclosure. RCBC shall not be liable for any adverse consequences whatsoever on the CLIENT's connection to, or use of, the internet, and shall not be responsible for the CLIENT's use of an internet connection in violation of any law, rule, or regulation or violation of the intellectual property rights of another.
b. All records maintained by RCBC Bankard, whether in electronic or documentary form, of the transactions or instructions of the CLIENT, and any other details in the availment of banking channels shall, through and pursuant to Erica shall, as against the CLIENT, be deemed to be conclusive.
c. RCBC Bankard may suspend or withdraw the availability of Erica without need for notice to the CLIENT, if at anytime RCBC Bankard deems it necessary in the event of an emergency (the opinion of RCBC Bankard being conclusive in this respect) or for security or maintenance reasons.
d. Customer Concerns: For any clarifications, concerns or complaints in using Erica, please contact the RCBC Bankard Customer Service. RCBC Bankard may require that the CLIENT send to us in writing, via email and within 24 hours, the concern and/or complaint.
e. CLIENT hereby acknowledges and agrees that all notices and reminders via email or SMS, to his registered email address or mobile number, on record with RCBC, are hereby deemed delivered after the lapse of thirty (30)days from the date of transmittal thereof.
f. Each of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is severable. If any or some of the terms and conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the provisions will not be affected thereby.
g. No failure to exercise and no delay in exercising, on the part of RCBC Bankard, of any right, power or privilege hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right, power or privilege preclude any other or further exercise thereof, or the exercise of any other right or power. The rights and remedies herein provided shall be cumulative, may be exercised concurrently and shall not be exclusive of any rights or remedies of RCBC Bankard hereunder or granted by law.

By the use of Erica, you acknowledge that you have read and understood Erica Terms and Conditions, and that you agree to be unconditionally bound by these terms and conditions, and all amendments and additions thereto which RCBC Bankard may effect from time to time.

Explore our FAQs

Erica is a chatbot that will always be available to help you with account inquiry, card activation, and card application.

There are 2 ways: (1) via our website and (2) via Messenger at or search for "Chat with Erica" on Messenger.

Your interactions with Erica are secure and private. Erica has the same security features as the RCBC Bankard ONLINE and RCBC Digital App.

Yes. To allow Erica to assist you with your inquiries, you will be asked to authenticate your account through a secure portal where you will need to enter your 16-digit card number and One-Time Password (OTP) sent through your registered mobile number.

We’re sorry to hear that. Erica is still in training and can only answer specific questions so please bear with her. We can assure you that we are constantly working to improve its capability over time.

To connect with a live agent, please go to instead or call us at 8888-1888 for queries that require immediate action.