10 Financial Influencers to Follow for Business Tips in the Philippines

April 19, 2024
5 min. read

In the Philippines, a vibrant business scene is blossoming across the digital content landscape. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of netizens are flocking to online platforms for valuable insights from exceptional financial influencers. Due to this, the wealth of expertise a financial guru brings becomes highly advantageous.

Whether you're an entrepreneur trying to unravel the complexities of a particular industry or a seasoned business leader seeking fresh perspectives, this article has a curated selection of notable financial influencers to spruce up your financial literacy.

10 Top Financial Gurus in the Philippines to Gain Practical Business Advice

Finding someone who shares practical insights tailored to the Philippine business landscape can be daunting. Thankfully, the country's top financial influencers gladly offer wisdom based on their experience and expertise. From clearing out bills to investment strategies, these famous personalities lead the path to success for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

  1. Jan Ocampo
    Jan Ocampo is a prominent figure in the Philippine business scene. He has a background in marketing and entrepreneurship, and his expertise lies in strategic financial planning for startups and small businesses.

    As the founder of "The Present," an online content platform, Jan tackles business, finance, and life-related topics. He shares practical tips ranging from budgeting to investment and growth strategies. Jan also holds insightful coaching sessions and programs catering to individuals seeking financial freedom.

    You can find him on several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), and The Present website.
  2. Randell Tiongson
    Randell Tiongson's mission is to share personal finance knowledge. His credential as a financial service industry pillar for almost three decades makes him an expert in banking, mutual funds, management consultancy, and insurance.

    He is also a dedicated trainer, public speaker, and published author who advocates passionately for financial education, particularly for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Through his social media platforms, Randell imparts practical advice on wealth-building, investments, and personal finance.

    Find Randell on Facebook, YouTube, or his website.
  3. Marvin Germo
    As a stock market master and National Bookstore bestselling author, Marvin Germo is renowned for his expertise in investment and trading. He is the president of Stock Smarts, Inc., where he offers services like financial planning, seminars and training, consulting, and many more.

    Marvin's knack for simplifying complex investment concepts into digestible and understandable information has propelled him to become one of the most in-demand investment speakers nationwide. He shares more knowledge about property investing, fundamental analysis, and Pag-IBIG MP2 on his Stock Smarts YouTube channel. Marvin also provides practical tips on wealth-building.
  4. Tyrone Solee
    Blogger Tyrone Solee's financial journey is nothing short of inspiring. Upon graduating from college, he embarked on a path of financial discipline by initiating savings at 21 and delving into bond investments a year later. Tyrone achieved millionaire status at 26, attributing success to living modestly, prioritizing self-compensation, and strategic investments in unit investment trust funds (UITFs).

    He's active on TikTok at Millionaire Acts, sharing valuable advice and insights on how to build wealth. Tyrone also talks about having the right mindset.
  5. Thea Sy Bautista
    The first, and certainly not last, female on this list is Thea Sy Bautista, a lifestyle YouTube vlogger who swiftly garnered a devoted following by chronicling her financial journey.

    Her popular series #TitaTalks offers tips on budget tracking, expense management, savings tactics, emergency fund establishment, and investment strategies. She also talks about mastering credit card fundamentals and life insurance acquisition.

    Thea's relatable approach and talent for simplifying complicated financial concepts enable her to make content that resonates with her audience. She's on different platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.
  6. Nicole Alba
    Nicole Alba burst onto the YouTube scene at 21 years old, sharing an array of videos, including an insightful series on cryptocurrency tailored for even the most novice enthusiasts. Her investment discussions infused with Gen Z humor and bite-sized tips make her content highly engaging. She talks about budgeting advice, crypto investment strategies, and lifestyle recommendations.

    The young financial guru also dives into various topics on her YouTube channel, from personal finance and credit cards for beginners to self-development and eclectic interests. Her content perfectly balances entertainment and education, making intricate subjects easy to understand.
  7. Mariel Bitanga-Kintanar
    Mariel Bitanga-Kintanar is a seasoned financial planner who founded the boutique financial planning firm Simply Finance, whose goal is to uplift Filipino women. Mariel started her career in an insurance company and then pursued professional training with the Registered Financial Planners of the Philippines.

    Mariel primarily engages with her followers on YouTube and Instagram by sharing actionable tips to enhance financial well-being. She incorporates financial quotes and thought-provoking questions in Simply Finance's content to encourage its audience to contemplate their money-related decisions.
  8. Fitz Villafuerte
    Considered a pioneer and leading figure among financial bloggers in the country, Fitz began his professional journey as a civil engineer before venturing into a full-time entrepreneur and registered financial planner. He uses his platform, Ready To Be Rich, to impart business strategies, investment opportunities, and prudent financial management.

    Fitz tackles personal finance and business matters for young urban professionals seeking financial empowerment. He actively responds to his blog readers and holds weekly livestreams on YouTube to foster an interactive community.
  9. Chinkee Tan
    Chinkee Tan is a former actor who turned into a financial guru. Today, he is a famous motivational speaker, wealth coach, and expert in financial management and mindset development. His practical tips on money management and wealth-building resonate with audiences seeking to overcome debt and financial obstacles and achieve wealth goals.

    Before becoming a financial blogger, author, and TV and radio personality, Chinkee was an entrepreneur. He was 12 when he started selling toilet paper to help his family during tough times. Since then, he carried his passion to empower others toward financial independence.
    Chinkee shares his insights through YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. He also has several published books and hosts a podcast channel.
  10. Antonette Aquino
    The last girl boss on the list is the founder of Money Health Check, Antonette Aquino. She is a highly decorated licensed financial advisor and entrepreneur passionate about transforming the country's financial landscape through meticulous financial planning. She uses Money Health Check to teach clients about insurance, investment, education funds, and retirement planning.

    Meanwhile, on TikTok, Antonette posts a variety of content where she shares tips on improving financial habits and educates viewers about investments, credit scores, budgeting, etc.

Unlock Your Financial Potential

Knowledge is power, especially in the dynamic world of finance. There's much to learn from the financial gurus mentioned above, from budgeting tips to investment strategies. As you navigate wealth-building and financial management, it pays to take inspiration from financial experts who are proactive learners and prudent decision-makers.

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