1.1 DEFINITIONS. As used herein, the words “I”, “me”, and “my” shall refer to the cardholder whose name is embossed on the card, while the words “you” and “yours” shall refer to RCBC and/or RCBC Bankard Services Corporation. “RCBC” is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, issuer of the CARDS; and “RCBC CREDIT CARDS/RCBC Bankard Services Corporation (RBSC) “, the entity servicing the credit card business of RCBC and implementing all actions pertaining to the RCBC CREDIT CARDS for and on behalf of RCBC. The word “CARD/S refers to RCBC Mastercard, RCBC VISA, RCBC JCB, and RCBC UnionPay Credit Card issued by RCBC through RCBC Bankard Services Corporation in the cardholders’ and all other extension cardholder’s name.

1.2 THE CARD. The CARD remains your property and is not transferable. I shall surrender the CARD to you upon demand.

1.3SUPPLEMENTARY CARDS. A supplementary card shall only be issued upon my request. As primary cardholder, I shall be liable for all the charges made on the said card including interest fees and other charges which shall be included in the total outstanding balance. Cancellation of the supplementary card for whatever reason shall continuously bind me as its primary cardholder for all the purchases, transactions and cash advances made even after the cancellation. Any breach of these terms and conditions by the supplementary cardholder shall entail liability upon me as the primary owner.

1.4 CARD ACTIVATION. Activation of my CARD is subject to your policies and procedures. This may include further credit evaluation and/or document submissions. You reserve the right to decline my card activation request without any obligation to disclose the reason therefore. I shall hold you free and harmless for any claim arising from the non-activation of my card.

1.5 CREDIT LIMIT. You shall have the sole discretion to determine the amount of my credit limit. I will be given a credit limit expressed in either Philippine Pesos (local currency) or US Dollars as approved by you, inclusive of cash advance limit, which will be my maximum allowable outstanding balance at any time. My credit limit will be shared by all my supplementary cardholder/s. In case I am issued more than one card by you, I will abide by the condition that I may, at your discretion, be given a separate credit limit for each of the credit cards I avail myself, of, or a consolidated credit limit for all cards, expressed in either Philippine Peso or U.S. Dollar as deemed applicable by you.

I shall monitor my transactions and total obligations to prevent exceeding my approved credit limit. I fully agree that it shall be replenished only after payments have been posted to my credit card. For check payments, my credit limit shall only be replenished once funds were cleared. I understand that my approved credit limit does not relieve me from the charges in excess of it. You have the right, without prior notice to decline any transaction or suspend my privileges as your cardholder for every exceeding credit limit occurrence.

You may adjust my credit limit based on your policies and procedures at any time. I shall be notified of such changes you may have implemented, provided that in the event of an increase in credit limit, I can duly decline the same with due notification to you.

1.6. CASH ADVANCE. RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC shall have the sole discretion to limit the cash advances on my CARD without prior notice. Any use of the CARD to obtain cash in any authorized ATM constitutes my agreement to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of the CARD’s Cash Advance Facility. I understand that additional service fee from cash advance availed of is charged to my account. I agree that all cash advances shall be conclusively presumed to have been personally made by me.

1.7. CASH ADVANCE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (CA-PIN). Subject to RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC’s policies and procedures, I will be provided with my CA-PIN for the use of the card’s cash advance facility. I shall keep my CA-PIN strictly confidential and not disclose it to any person. I shall be liable for all losses resulting from my failure to handle my card and CA-PIN with utmost due care.

1.8 VALIDITY. Subject to RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC'S existing policies, rules and regulations, the CARD will be honored by affiliated merchants or merchants where the Mastercard, VISA, JCB and/or UnionPay logos are accepted upon my due presentation while I am a cardholder in good standing. I am in good standing if all my accounts are current, I have not exceeded my credit limit and my credit card privileges are not otherwise suspended, cancelled or terminated or have not expired. You shall have the option to reinstate my credit card privileges.

1.9 MERCHANT ACCEPTANCE. The CARD is acceptable worldwide by accredited establishments contracted to accept the CARD or where the Mastercard, VISA, JCB and/or UnionPay logos are honored. I shall hold you free and harmless from any liability if (1) the CARD is not honored by any merchant for any reason beyond your control such as but not limited to the merchant’s refusal of the Cardholder, suspected of being fraudulent and/or (2) You refuse, at your option, to grant credit authorization or any purchase notwithstanding the availability of credit in my favor under my CARD account for any purchase such as but not limited to prevention of fraud activities. Furthermore, I will not hold you liable for any defective product or service purchased through the CARD. Any dispute between me and the merchant shall not relieve me of my obligation to pay all charges arising from the use of the CARD.

1.10 EXPIRY AND RENEWAL OF THE CARD. Unless either terminated or cancelled, the CARD shall be valid up to the last day of the month indicated thereon. The renewal of the CARD shall be at your sole discretion. If my CARD is not renewed, the whole obligation becomes immediately due and demandable.

1.11 PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS. RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC has the right to change, alter, revise or modify all the CARD features and benefits and I will be notified of these changes. My continued use of the CARD after notice shall be deemed as agreement to all these modifications.


2.1 STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT (SOA). You shall furnish me Statement of Account monthly. I recognize that in the event my account reaches ninety-days past due, I will no longer receive my monthly SOA. Statement of accounts will be issued to me electronically through the email address I provided on this form or by any formal notice to you which you deem acceptable. Paper statements will only be issued to me under the following circumstances: (1) Upon my request (2) If I did not indicate any email address on this form or if the email address I indicated on this form is not valid upon your validation (3) should I choose to opt out of electronic statements which I can do by sending a formal notice to you by any means acceptable to you. You may, at your discretion, change the mode of delivery of my SOA to paper statement as you deem necessary. The SOA shall reflect my Statement Date, summary of all my transactions, my Outstanding Balance and purchases as of Statement Date, fees and charges, Payment Due Date and minimum amount due.

I recognize the integrity of the electronic SOA (E-SOA) pursuant to the provisions of the Electronic Commerce Act and agree to amount payable thereon on Payment Due Date without the need for signed charge slips. I understand and agreed that when the E-SOA is made available for viewing, it shall be conclusively deemed as received.

If I am issued a Dollar card, all my purchases in currencies not in U.S. Dollar shall be converted to U.S. Dollar; if I am issued a Peso card, all my purchases in currencies other than Pesos shall be converted to Philippine Pesos. The SOA shall be in its applicable currency.

In case I do not receive said SOA, I shall immediately inform you thereof. In the absence of any report of non-receipt of the SOA, I am deemed to have received the same. The absence of the SOA or my failure to receive the same shall not relieve me from paying all charges arising from the use of the CARD on due date. The SOA shall form an integral part of this agreement.

In the event of any error in the SOA, I hereby agree to notify you immediately of the said error. If no error is reported within thirty days (30) from my Statement Date, I agree and confirm that you can conclusively consider the SOA as true and correct. I hereby waive the presentation of the charge, sales slips to prove the transactions/availment in the Statement of Account.

2.2 BILLING DISPUTES OR ERRORS. The entries in the SOA are presumed true and correct unless I notify RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC in writing of any dispute within thirty (30) days from my Statement Date. If I notify you of a dispute in my SOA, I have the option not to pay the disputed amount while you are conducting an investigation, but I must pay such portion of the outstanding balance which is not in dispute or the minimum payment due on or before the Payment Due Date. You shall treat the disputed amount as an outstanding availment against my credit limit. If after the investigation, the claim is established to be valid, I am not liable to pay any interest charges and late payment charges related to the disputed amount only. Otherwise, I am liable to pay the disputed amount as well as the corresponding interest charges and late payment charges due thereon computed from the transaction date up to the date of dispute resolution. After having conducted its investigation, RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC ’s findings are conclusive. RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC  reserves the right to qualify the type of transactions/charges that may be considered for dispute.

I agree to have my CARD replaced upon reporting of the dispute to avoid further unauthorized transactions.

I shall ensure my mobile and email address are updated upon reporting a billing dispute. I shall guarantee RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC that I am within reach while the investigation is ongoing to enable you to contact and update me on its progress and final resolution. Should I be unable to update my contact information, I shall hold RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC free from liability of not pursuing the dispute due to my non-response to emails/SMS notifications sent.

I shall report to RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC all card transactions that are unauthorized, immediately upon receipt of the SMS notifications. I shall hold RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC free from any liability or right not to process subsequent transactions that I have also declared as unauthorized due to my late dispute reporting.


3.1 LIABILITY OF THE PRINCIPAL AND SUPPLEMENTARY CARDHOLDERS, CO-OBLIGOR, AND COMPANIES. I shall be liable to you for the amount charges to my CARD, including the finance charges or interest, all fees, full annual membership fees and other charges whether made in the Philippines or abroad. For ATM cash advance transactions, any use of the CARD together with the CA-PIN to obtain cash in any authorized ATM constitutes my agreement to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of the CARD’s Cash Advance Facility. I understand that additional service fee from cash advance availed of, is charged to my account. I agree that all cash advances shall be conclusively presumed to have been personally made by me.

The principal cardholder and the co-obligor, if any, shall be jointly and severally liable to pay all purchases, cash advances and all charges including but not limited to, the non-refundable fees, charges and taxes required by the government, made and imposed through the use of the principal and supplementary card(s), without necessity of proof of a signed charge slip or other documents.

In case of corporate accounts, the company and its authorized representative(s) shall be jointly and severally liable for the payment of the same, without necessity of proof of a signed charge slip or other documents whether or not the same were incurred for the company. Said obligation shall continue in case the credit card is renewed or reinstated by RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC, even without the written conformity of, or notice, to the co-obligor, and despite the suspension or termination of the credit card.

3.2. MONTHLY INSTALLMENT DUE. The Monthly Installment Due forms part of the Minimum Amount Due in the SOA. If I choose to pay only a portion of the Total Balance Due as indicated in the SOA, the unpaid portion of the Installment Due shall be subject to the monthly interest charges at the prevailing rate. Usual monthly late charge applies. The computation of the Monthly Installment Due shall be on a diminishing balance basis under which the allocation of payment to the principal and the interest of the Monthly Installment Due over the term (number of months) is not equal.

3.3 PAYMENT OF CARD AVAILMENTS AND CHARGES. The Minimum Amount Due is  rounded down to the nearest multiple amount of Php100 for computed payment amount between Php500 – Php1,000, Php500 for computed payment amount between Php1,000 to Php3,000 and Php1,000 for computed payment amount above Php3,000 (USD1.00 for computed amount between USD15.00 – USD100.00 and USD10.00 for computed amount above USD10.00 for Dollar). Computation of the payment amount is either (a) the total outstanding balance within my credit limit less transactions posted in current statement, past due amount and current late charges, multiplied by the required payment percentage determined by you plus the entire excess over the credit limit, all the past due amounts and late payment penalty fees, if any; or (b) Php500 for Peso or USD 15 for Dollar card, whichever is higher. If the computed amount is less than Php500 (USD15.00 for Dollar), the Minimum Amount Due shall be the total statement due amount.

I understand that checks used for payment will be credited to my account only upon collection as per usual transit/clearing schedules for local and outstation credits, net of charges from the drawee bank and your own charges. In case I am issued two or more cards by you, I hereby authorize you without any obligation on your part, to unilaterally apply, without notice to me, payments made by me, or amounts from overpayments to any of my accounts at your option and sole discretion.

All amounts remaining unpaid after the Payment Due Date will form part of the minimum amount due and will be considered delinquent. I will then be liable to pay penalty, interest and other charges as applicable. You reserve the right to demand the payment of the obligation in full including all unbilled transactions, in case of default. These terms and conditions shall remain in force and effect until full and final payment of my total outstanding obligation with you.

3.4 APPLICATION OF PAYMENT. Payment to my credit card shall be applied in the following order:

a. Interest Charge – Cash Advance
b. Interest Charge – Retail
c. Late Charge – Retail
d. Service Charge – Cash Advance
e. Service Charge and Other Fees – Retail
f. Annual Fee – Retail
g. Balance – Cash Advance
h. Balance – Retail

3.5 AUTOMATIC DEBIT ARRANGEMENT (ADA). I may opt to enroll in the ADA Facility to authorize you to debit the minimum payment due or total outstanding balance on each monthly SOA due date against my savings or current deposit account maintained with at any RCBC bank. I shall ensure that my deposit account has sufficient withdrawable funds on my credit card due date to enable successful processing of my credit card payment through ADA Facility.

I shall immediately notify you for any changes in the status of my deposit account number earlier provided and/or provide you with my latest active deposit account number to ensure uninterrupted payment thru the ADA Facility. I hold you free from any liabilities that may arise due to an unsuccessful attempt to debit my nominated bank account should there be changes that were not communicated to you.

3.6 OVERPAYMENTS. You have the sole discretion to return to me any overpayment made to my account as you deem appropriate. Said overpayment may be returned to me via issuance of a check or transferred to my nominated bank account. You hold us free from liabilities that may arise due to this course of action.


4.1 MEMBERSHIP FEES. I will be charged a Membership Fee in the amount to be determined by you for the use of the CARD and/or the other facilities and services which may from time to time be made available to me and/or for the maintenance and administration of any balance or transaction on the CARD. I agree to pay said fee, which may be charged to the credit line or on any available fund on the CARD account. All fees paid are non-refundable.

4.2 INTEREST. Every Payment Due Date of each billing cycle, I have the option to pay the total outstanding balance in full or the minimum amount due as indicated in my SOA or any amount in between. Interest will be charged if my payment by the Payment Due date is less than the Total Balance Due, if no payment is made to the CARD by Payment Due Date, if a cash advance transaction has been made. The interest will be imposed at the current interest rate on the (a) unpaid cash advance balance (including interest charges and fees) from transaction date until both the cash advance balance and its related charges are paid in full; and (b) unpaid balance (inclusive of interest charges and fees) stated in the previous SOA computed from the Statement Date until the current statement date.

4.3 INTEREST COMPUTATION. Interest is computed as follows: For Retail Transactions: (1) Multiply the applicable monthly interest rate to retail fees and non-interest charges for the day and divide it by 30. (2) Multiply the applicable monthly interest rate to previous day’s retail outstanding balance and deduct any payment made during the same day, following the application of payments, and divide by 30. The interest computed in (1) and (2) will be the total interest for the day on Retail balance. The retail interest for the month is the sum of the interest for each day from the day after the previous statement date to the current statement date. For cash advance transaction (1) Multiply the applicable interest rate to cash advance availments and its related non-interest fees and charges on transaction  date and divide it by 30. (2) Multiply the applicable monthly rate to previous day’s cash advance outstanding balance and deduct any payments made during the same day, following the application of payments, and divide it by 30. The interest computed in steps 1 and 2 will be the total interest for the day on cash advance. The cash advance outstanding balance will be the previous statement balance plus cash availments and its related non-interest fees and charges less payment. Interest charged on cash advances will be added to the cash advance outstanding balance in the current statement date. The process is repeated until the next statement date.

4.4 RESIDUAL INTEREST. Any unpaid balances in my current statement and on my account shall continue to incur interests until the same is fully paid.

4.5 LATE PAYMENT FEES. The past due balance indicated in the SOA shall be charged with late payment fee for every month of delay. A fraction of a month shall be considered one month. Late payment charges due and unpaid amount shall form part of the principal balance and shall continue to be assessed and be charged with interest per month until my account is fully paid. Provided it is within reasonable time and with prior notice to me, you shall have the right to change the rate of the late payment fee.

4.6 MULTIPLE PAYMENT FEE. I shall be allowed a maximum of three (3) payment transactions in RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC'S accredited payment channels, posted within my statement cycle. After which, a fee will be charged for each RCBC credit card posted payment after 3rd posted payment transaction. Payment made at any RCBC branch will not incur any charge.

4.7 RETURNED CHECK FEE. This will be charged for each returned check.

4.8 RETRIEVAL FEE. This may be charged for the retrieval of any charge slip or sales invoice copy in case of disputes or upon my request.

4.9 FOREIGN EXCHANGE TRANSACTIONS. For Philippine Peso-denominated cards, all charges and transactions made in currencies other than Philippine Peso shall, in accordance with your procedures, be automatically converted to Philippine Peso at an exchange rate determined by you or Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay. For US Dollar-denominated cards, all charges and transactions made in currencies other than US Dollars shall, in accordance with your procedures, be automatically converted to US Dollars at an exchange rate determined by you or Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay. The exchange rate applied is determined on the date of posting to my Card account and may be different from the rate in effect on the date the transaction is made. The converted amount shall be charged a service fee representing the assessment fee(s) charged by Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay and RCBC’s service fee.

The order confirmation for mail order or telephone order and Internet transactions or the delivery form or receipt or the sales or charge slips which I sign each and every time a purchase is made through the use of the CARD shall constitute and be considered and construed by you as the written application required by CB Circular No. 1389 to enable me to purchase the foreign exchange necessary for all my non-trade transactions using the CARD.

If I opt to have my foreign currency transactions converted to my card’s billing currency at point-of -sale by the merchant, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad or online, a service fee will be charged by you on top of any currency conversion fee charged by the merchant in order to offset the processing and assessment fee(s) charged by Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay. This additional fee shall apply regardless of the currency of the transaction, but will not be assessed on those transactions with a value of less than Php1,000 or USD20. I agree that any loss or refund that resulted from the difference in the foreign currency exchange rate at the time of transaction shall be deducted or credited in my account.

4.10 CASH ADVANCE SERVICE FEE. A cash advance service fee will be charged for every cash advance transactions/availed through an automated teller machine (ATM) or other channels.

4.11 GAMING FEE. A service fee shall be charged on gaming /gambling transactions and/or transactions made at the gaming/gambling establishment, including the placement of wagers, purchase of lottery tickets or other values in conjunction with any gaming or gambling activity.

4.12 CARD REPLACEMENT FEE. This will be charged per replacement card.

4.13 OVER LIMIT FEE. This will be charged at any time my outstanding balance plus unbilled installment, when applicable, exceeds my account’s permanent credit limit.

4.14 INSTALLMENT PRE-TERMINATION PROCESSING FEE. This will be charged for the pre-termination of my installment transactions.

4.15 INSTALLMENT INTEREST. Also referred to as “add-on interest rate” will be charged on installment payment transactions.

4.16 DORMANCY FEE/CLOSED CARD ACCOUNT SERVICE FEE. For closed accounts which I have credit balances, I shall make appropriate arrangements with you to collect my credit balance within three (3) months from the date when the account is closed. Otherwise, you shall deduct from such credit balance a fee representing administrative cost incurred by RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC in maintaining my credit card account. Dormancy Fee is also applicable for open accounts which have credit balances, with no activity for twenty-four (24) consecutive months.

4.17 QUASI-CASH FEE ON QUASI-CASH TRANSACTIONS. A quasi-cash fee shall be imposed on quasi-cash or cash-like transactions. For the list of quasi-cash merchant categories, please click here. In determining transactions that are quasi-cash, RCBC shall rely on the Merchant Category Code (MCC) that has been assigned by the acquiring bank for the merchant.

4.18 OTHER FEES. I agree to pay such other fees relating but not limited to the processing of cash advance and or payments that may be imposed by you at your option. I understand that amount of said fees may be revised from time to time as you may deem necessary.

4.19 CHANGES IN FEES AND CHARGES. You reserve the right to change, at any time and from time to time, the amount, rate, types and or basis of calculation of all interest, fees and charges payable by me; provided, however that the changes shall become effective ninety (90) days from notice to me. The notice of changes of interest, fees and charges may be contained in the SOA. You may change the new rates to the CARD account and or request that I pay the same on demand.

4.20 TAXES. I agree to pay whatever taxes may be imposed on my CARD transactions, fees and charges, based on existing as well as future regulations.


5.1 RCBC CREDIT CARD INSTALLMENT. I may avail myself of RCBC Credit Cards' installment program to purchase items/goods from designated installment merchants if the CARD issued to me allows such installment transactions. I agree to pay the monthly installment until the account is fully paid using the repayment period I choose. My available credit limit will be reduced by the amount of such purchases.

The interest rate charged on RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC's installment transactions may be different from the one used to compute interest charged when I pay the minimum amount due on my regular non-installment CARD usage. If I do not pay in full my billed outstanding balance which includes regular and installment balances, my monthly installment will be charged interest.

If I wish to prepay any of my installment purchases, I will inform you and you shall then bill the remaining balance in my next statement.

If applicable, in addition to using my CARD to purchase from RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC installment merchants, you may also grant my request to convert a part of my non-installment outstanding balance to an installment transaction, provided I am in good credit standing. Such balances converted will be treated like a usual installment transaction from the date that you grant such request.


6.1 PRODUCTS AND SERVICE OFFERS. I hereby allow and authorize you, your subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representative and third parties selected by you and certain companies, to offer specially selected products and services to me/us through mail/email/SMS or by telephone. This constitutes my/our written consent for any transfer and disclosure of my/our names, addresses, contact details, account and relationship balances/numbers and other relevant information to, between and among you, your branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representative and third parties selected by any of you and selected companies for the purposes indicated above.

6.2 ONE-TIME PASSWORD. I recognize and acknowledge the confidentiality of One Time Password (OTP) you shall provide to me. I shall not share my OTP with anyone. I shall exercise due diligence in checking the validity of any notifications, to ensure that it originated from RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC. I shall hold the accountability to secure my OTP upon receipt. Any discrepancies or dispute arising from the disclosure as such will automatically a breach of the OTP confidentiality and shall not hold RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC liable from such incidences.

6.3 LOST AND STOLEN CARD. If my CARD is lost or stolen, I will immediately report it by calling the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 8888-1888 in Metro Manila or call Domestic Toll-Free 1-800-10-888-1888 outside Metro Manila or +632-888-1888 when outside of the Philippines. You may charge me a specified fee for the replacement of the lost or stolen CARD. I am liable for the unauthorized use of my CARD as a result of loss, theft, or similar circumstances until such time that I notify you of the loss, theft, or possible unauthorized use. In case of disputed charges billed to me, I understand that you may temporarily reverse such charges from my bill while you are investigating my claim. If your investigation proves , however, that availments made from report of card loss are valid, purchases and charges thereon by me or my extension cardholders, these charges will be posted again to my bill with retroactive interest charges and I will be liable for payment of said billings and interest.

6.4 CUSTOMER INFORMATION UPDATE. I shall immediately notify you of any changes in the information I provided you on the onset of my credit card application including, but not limited to, changes in my residence, office, mailing address, email address and/or telephone and mobile number/s. I understand that my mailing address shall always be within Metro Manila and your prevailing geographic scope of coverage. In case my chosen mailing address is not accessible through mail or delivery, you have the option to use my other addresses. I agree that any correspondences sent to my declared mailing address shall be conclusively received by me after mailing.

I acknowledge that RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC shall not be liable for non-receipt of any notification, statement of account or promo-related SMS, OTP as a result of my failure to update my contact information.

6.5 AUTHORITY TO RECORD AND USE RECORDING. By providing my telephone numbers and by calling or accepting calls from you (and your service providers), I authorize you to record, replay and communicate to any third party all conversations (including conversations with your service providers) on said phone number/line with me or any individual who may answer the phone on my behalf, being my agent. This is being done with my consent and authority. I likewise authorize you to keep a record of all forms of communication we may have coordinated, including emails, social media chats, web chats and chatbot conversations.

I authorize you to store the recorded conversations, emails, online messages through social media, web chat and chatbots conversations and agree that you may use the taped, recorded conversation, emails, or saved chat messages, with me or with any third party, in any proceeding and for any lawful purpose. You (including your Service Providers) shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense which I may suffer as a result of your (or your Service provider) acting on such telephone communications.

I likewise understand and agree that such taped, recorded or saved conversations, emails, online messages or instructions shall be conclusive evidence of my communication with you and may be used by the latter against me or any third party for any purpose particularly as evidence in any proceeding, judicial or administrative, without incurring any liability.

6.6 DISCLOSURE. I hereby give consent to the transfer, disclosure and communication of any information relating to me (including information you obtain from third parties such as credit bureau, credit information, telecommunications companies such as Globe Telecom, PLDT, Smart Communications, Sun Cellular, Talk and Text, among others, service providers, credit and loan providers, financial institutions) from you to, between and among your branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representatives and third parties selected by any of you (collectively referred to as the “Receiving and Disclosing Parties”), wherever situated, for use (including for use in connection with the provision of any products and services to me, and for data processing and storage, data analytics, telecommunications usage data, customer satisfaction surveys, product and service offers made through mail/email/fax/SMS or telephone, anti-money laundering and monitoring, reporting under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), where applicable, review and reporting, statistical and risk analysis and risk management purposes. In addition to the foregoing, you or any of the Receiving and Disclosing Parties may transfer and disclose any information as may be required by an applicable law, regulation, court, regulator or legal process. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, wherever you are user, member of or subscriber for the information sharing services of activities of, any credit bureau, banking or credit industry associations, credit information service provider, credit and load providers (individually or collectively referred to as “Credit institutions”), I expressly authorize: (a) you to transfer and disclose to any such Credit institutions; and (b) any such Credit institutions to transfer and disclose to any user, fellow member or subscriber, any information (and updates or corrections), whether positive or negative, relating to me and/or any of my account(s) with you (and for such purposes). I acknowledge that such information shall include basic credit data under the Credit Information System Act (R.A. 9510), i.e. personal information or demographics, account information, account status, and monthly summary or snapshot of the account. Where I have existing unsecured credit facilities with you, I agree and consent to your reviewing and adjusting the credit limit of such unsecured facilities at your absolute discretion in accordance with your credit and risk management policies.

Inthe event my card expires, gets lost or stolen, or upon my request or for any valid reason (upgrade, conversion, etc.) a replacement or renewal card is issued in my name, or that of my supplementary, I hereby give my consent to the transfer, disclosure and updating of my new card number and expiration date of my card to the card schemes and associations which may require the same to be updated in their systems in order for continued services be rendered to me.

The foregoing constitutes my consent for any transfer and disclosure of information relating to me/us and my/our account(s) to, between and among you, the Receiving and Disclosing parties or Credit Institutions for any of the purposes above or under applicable law, regulation, court, regulator or legal purposes. I agree to hold you, branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representative free and harmless from any liability that may arise from any transfer, disclosure or storage of information relating to me and/or any of my account(s) with you.

6.7 DEFAULT. I shall be considered in default in the event that (i) I fail to pay any of my obligations on one or more CARDS (ii) I fail to observe any of the terms and conditions governing the issuance and use of the CARDS, (iii) I fail to observe any of the terms and conditions of any contract/evidence of indebtedness and/or other related documents I executed or which you issued in connection with any credit facilities granted in my favor by you or another financial institution, (iv) any information, document, representation or warranty made by me in my application form proves to have been fraudulent, untrue, incorrect or misleading at the time it was made.

In case I default:

(i) The right to use the CARD and all other CARDS issued by you to me shall be revoked without notice, which I hereby expressly and willingly waive.
(ii) The entire unpaid obligation (including unbilled balances) and all other fees, charges and amounts payable under this Agreement and under any of my credit card accounts with you shall become immediately due and demandable, protest or further notice of any kind, all of which I hereby expressly waive.
(iii) I agree to pay finance charges and late payment penalty charges as applicable. If you need to refer my case to a collection agency or through an Attorney-at-Law, I shall be liable to pay the cost of collection and/or attorney’s fees equivalent to twenty-five (25%) of the amount claimed and the expenses of litigation and judicial costs as applicable.
(iv) I authorize you to submit my name to the Credit Bureau.
(v) I authorize you to debit from my RCBC bank account with you to pay you my outstanding obligation or any portion thereof. In the event that my account shall be referred to a collection agency or an attorney-at-law for collection, you shall notify me in writing of the endorsement of the collection of my account, or the endorsement of the account from one collections agent or attorney to another, at least seven (7) days before the actual endorsement. The notification shall include the full name of the collection agency and its contact details to which my account will be endorsed.

6.8 RIGHT TO OFFSET. Pursuant to the provisions of Articles 1278 to 1290 of the New Civil Code of the Philippines, as amended, in the event I/we fail to pay any obligation arising from the use of my/our RCBC Credit Cards, I/we hereby agree to voluntarily surrender, as a form of payment for unpaid obligations, any and all deposits, securities, properties (real or personal) and other things of value which are currently or at later time in the possession of RCBC or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. In this regard, I/we also expressly consent and irrevocably constitute RCBC or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates, to be my/our Attorney-in-Fact with full power and authority to assert your legal claim over all deposits, securities, properties (real or personal) and other things of value in the possession of RCBC or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates, sell these and apply the proceeds of such sale as payment for my/our obligation. Should these funds and/or assts be insufficient to settle my/our obligation or if not such funds and/or assets exist, I/we agree to assign and deliver any deposits or funds I/we may have with other banks or financial institutions to pay off my/our obligations to RCBC. In view of this, I/we consent and authorize the bank or financial institution to disclose to RCBC or its duly authorized representative information relating to any deposit or funds with such bank or financial institution.


7.1 SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION. You may suspend, revoke or terminate my right to use the CARD in the Philippines and abroad at any time with or without cause and without need of prior consent. If, for any reason, my right to use the CARD is revoked, all my privileges shall be terminated and my entire obligation including all unbilled balance shall become due and demandable. I shall hold you free and harmless from any loss or damage arising from the revocation or termination of the CARD, its use and privileges. Continued use of my CARD in case of suspension, termination or non-issuance of renewal CARDS shall be deemed as fraudulent. I understand that if my CARD is suspended or cancelled, I shall continue to pay annual membership fees until my total outstanding obligation is fully paid. I understand that I will be notified of such suspension or cancellation within seven (7) business days upon suspension/cancellation/revocation of the CARD and that I have the right to appeal the same, subject to the mutual agreement with RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC.

7.2. CANCELLATION OF CARD. I agree that in case of my default or failure to observe any of the terms and conditions of any contract or evidence of indebtedness to one or more CARD/S or credit facilities issued by you, local branches, subsidiaries and affiliates, you may at your sole option or discretion cancel my CARD/S and other credit facilities without the need of further notice.

7.3 VOLUNTARY CARD CANCELLATION. Should I decide to cancel my CARD, I must give a notice-request to you, either through mail, electronic mail, recorded call/conversation and any such means to convey my request. My outstanding obligation (including unbilled balance) shall be due and payable immediately upon termination of my account, without need of notice or demand from you. I shall continue to be billed for all applicable fees and charges until such time that my total outstanding obligation is fully and finally paid. I shall inform you via mail, electronic mail, recorded call/conversation or any such other means to convey my request should I decide to cancel only my extension CARD/s.

For my Instacard, the release of any hold-out deposit/security given for the credit card account shall be made only after the lapse of sixty (60) days from the cancellation of my CARD/s to accommodate the late submission by establishment of billings or charges on the CARD account.

7.4 LIMITATIONS. I hereby agree not to use my CARD for the purchase of items/goods the importation into the Philippines of which is subject to the provisions of CB Circular No. 1348 and other circulars, laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to importation. Likewise, I hereby further agree and warrant that the proceeds of my cash advance availments abroad shall not be used for foreign investments or the payment of foreign loans in violation of CB Circular No. 1353.

7.5 LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. In any action arising from this agreement of any incident thereto which I or any other party may file against you, your liability shall not exceed Five Thousand Pesos (Php5,000) or the actual damages proven, whichever is lesser. Further, I shall not hold RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC liable for any act or omission of a third party which does not act as an agent in making your services to the Cardholder available for as long as RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC acted upon in good faith in dealing with such third party. Fortuitous events or circumstances beyond your reasonable control that may delay or incur computer processing error or failure in providing services to the cardholder shall not held against RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC. I shall not hold RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC liable for any indirect or consequential loss arising from or in connection with your providing, failure or delay in providing services to the cardholder or to a third party.


8.1 AMENDMENTS. You have the right to change, alter, revise or modify thisagreement anytime and I will be notified of these changes. My continued use of the CARD, notwithstanding the lapse of seven (7) days from my receipt of such notification, shall be deemed as consent of all the changes, alterations, revisions or modifications made in the Agreement. If I do not agree with the changes, I may opt to have the CARD cancelled upon which the terms of cancellation will apply.

8.2 NOTICES. Communication may be sent to me electronically (including but not limited to SMS, e-mail, online banking, your website, social media platforms), or through direct mailers addressed to my billing address. The mere act of sending any communication through such means shall be valid and effective notice to me for all legal purposes.

Any electronic notifications sent by RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC through SMS or text messaging, mobile phone, e-mail or other digitized means with my declared number and address shall be deemed to have been sent. Further, I understand that you do not guarantee the timely delivery and accuracy of these notifications. RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC has the discretion to communicate through text messages or emails for reminders related to account information, internet security, or new promos which I hereby acknowledge and accept without being encrypted. I shall hold the responsibility to secure my mobile phone or email account and its contents and hereby hold RCBC Credit Cards/RBSC free from any liability including but not limited to The Data Privacy Act of 2012 or R.A. 10173 or to any secrecy laws, should any of these digitized communications be accessed or viewed by any persons other than me.

8.3 WAIVER OF RIGHTS ON LAWS OF CONFIDENTIALITY. I/We hereby agree and authorize RCBC to collect, use, process, store, update and disclose all information, personal or otherwise, relating to me/us or my/our accounts or credit standing in relation to the use of the Card or any products, services, facilities or channels that I/we may avail of now or in the future from RCBC or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates. For this purpose, I/we hereby waive my/our rights as defined under applicable confidentiality and data privacy laws in the Philippines and other jurisdictions, including but not limited to Republic Act (RA) No. 1405 or The Law on Secrecy of Bank Deposits, RA 6426 or The Foreign Currency Deposit Act, RA 8791 of the General Banking Law and RA No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

8.4 DATA PRIVACY. I acknowledge that any information collected, to be processed and retained, including updates, shall be used primarily for the facilitation and commencement of an effective administration and implementation of credit card products and services, assess my suitability for the product including but not limited to conducting all necessary background checks that may include credit scoring and investigation, data analytics and for the following purposes:

a. RCBC Credit Card application and client identification;
b. Client risk profile assessment;
c. If approved, for any and all communications relevant to the life cycle of my credit card, such but not limited to marketing promotions, cross-selling, etc.;
d. Compliance with BSP Rules, anti-money laundering and FATCA and such other purpose that may be required or allowed by law.
e. Enforcement of rights or to perform obligations by reason of any law, contract or orders from any court or quasi-judicial offices.

My information shall be retained for a period of time provided as required or allowed under applicable laws, rules and regulations.

8.5 WAIVER. No failure, omission, or delay on your part in exercising any of your rights, privileges and remedies hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof. No modification or waiver of any provision hereunder, and no consent to any departure therefrom by me shall in any event be effective unless the same is in writing. Such waiver or consent shall be effective only in the specific instance and for the purpose for which given.

8.6 ASSIGNMENT AND WAIVER. I hereby agree that you may assign, discount or otherwise transfer part or all right and/or obligations under the CARD without need of notice on my part. In the event of such assignment, I hereby irrevocably agree not to assert set-off rights of any obligation which may be owed to me by you against the assignee.

8.7 COMPLIANCE. I agree to fully comply and abide by the provisions of Republic Act 8484 governing the use of the credit card and other access devices in commercial transactions.

8.8 SEPARABILITY CLAUSE. In case any portion of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, the portions not otherwise affected shall remain valid and enforceable.

8.9 OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The terms and conditions, reminders and other provisions contained in the SOA, charge slips and such other CARD documents, related instruments or documents are made integral parts hereof by reference. It is agreed that the terms and conditions herein, as well as the aforementioned terms and conditions including reminders, rules and regulations promulgated by you from time to time (the “Other Terms and Conditions”) shall govern the use of the CARD/S issued hereunder.

8.10. VENUE. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Philippines and the exclusive venue of any and all suits directly or indirectly arising from or relative to the issuance and use of the Card shall be any proper court within Pasig City, or Taguig City, to the exclusion of all other venues which are hereby waived.

8.11 CONSENT. I hereby confirm that in addition to the foregoing Terms and Conditions, I unconditionally agree to be bound by all laws, rules, regulations and official issuances applicable on the matter now existing or which may hereinafter be enacted, issued or enforced. All the Terms and Conditions herein stated have been read and understood by me as evidenced by my signature on the application form, CARD, and/or charge/sales slips or by my using the CARD.