AirAsia Credit Card

Your ticket to free flights!

Your AirAsia Credit Card powered by RCBC offers you exclusive privileges that give you the freedom to experience life’s greatest adventures.
  • Welcome gift of up to 8,000 airasia points when you spend at least Php20,000 within the first sixty (60) days from card issuance.
    Register here to redeem your welcome gift.
  • Earn airasia points faster for as low as Php22 per spend
  • Use airasia points to redeem free flights or vouchers from Lazada, SM Gift Pass, Grab, and many more via the airasia Super App and
  • Avail of airasia rewards Final Call and deals exclusive to AirAsia Cardholders every quarter.

Welcome Gift of up to 8,000 airasia points

With your AirAsia Credit Card, spend at least Php 20,000 within 60 days of card delivery, register, and enjoy free flights or digital shopping vouchers!

Qualified new-to-RCBC Credit Cardholders will receive 8,000 airasia points while qualified existing RCBC Credit Cardholders will receive 4,000 airasia points. Cardholders can choose what to redeem using their available airasia points such as free flights or digital vouchers from Lazada, SM Gift Pass, Grab, and many more! To redeem and see list of partners, log on to the airasia Super App.

Once the spend requirement is met, fill out the online redemption form here.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All new principal AirAsia Credit cardholders with at least Php 20,000 single or accumulated retail purchases within sixty (60) days from card issuance are qualified to earn airasia points as a welcome gift.
  2. New-to-RCBC Credit Card principal cardholders will receive 8,000 airasia points, while, existing RCBC Credit Cardholders will enjoy 4,000 airasia points. Welcome airasia points will be credited to the qualified cardholder's airasia Super App account. Thus, cardholders must download and register in the airasia Super App, airasia points can be used to immediately redeem a flight or avail of lifestyle deals via the airasia Super App.
  3. Renewal, replacement, re-issued (previously canceled, then re-applied) and supplementary AirAsia Credit cardholders are not qualified to get the Welcome Gift.
  4. To redeem your Welcome Gift, the cardholder must register and input the following a. Full Name (as it appears on your Card), b. First 8 and Last 4 Digits of your airasia Credit Card, c. Registered airasia member ID via upon meeting the required retail spend. Once validated, the welcome gift will be credited to the AirAsia Credit Card account. The airasia points will then be reflected in the airasia member account after 2-3 days.
    Cut-off Date Crediting of airasia points
    End of the month Within 10 working days from extraction
  6. RCBC Credit Cards reserves the right to disqualify transactions of cardholders from participating in the AirAsia Credit Card Welcome Gift program if: the cardholder’s AirAsia Credit Card is past due or cardholder is past due and delinquent on other RCBC Credit Cards-issued cards at the time of redemption; the retail purchase is disputed or deemed fraudulent.
  7. The Welcome Gift will only be received once and is not convertible to cash.
  8. The use of the airasia points shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the airasia rewards program operated by BIGLIFE Sdn Bhd (formerly known as BIG  Sdn Bhd and Think Big Digital SdnBhd) and can be found here: RCBC Credit Cards assumes no responsibility for and disclaims any liability with respect to the airasia rewards  program.
  9. RCBC Credit Cards reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Welcome Gift at any time upon prior notice to Cardholders.
  10. These Terms and Conditions are subject to relevant laws, rules and regulations.

Earn points faster for as low as Php22 per spend

Come aboard AirAsia’s flights and enjoy better rewards that let you travel to every destination in AirAsia’s network. With your AirAsia Credit Card, earn 1 airasia point for as low as Php22!

Spend Type airasia points conversion
AirAsia Purchase 2 points for every Php25 spend
Domestic Retail Purchase 1 point for every Php28 spend
International Retail Purchase 1 point for every Php22 spend

airasia Platinum Membership Status

AirAsia Credit cardholders automatically qualify for the airasia Platinum status for the first year of card issuance which means you will be able to check-in first using designated counters where available, and then be one of the first to board the plane with Priority Boarding. In addition, you will also have the privilege of Xpress Baggage.

If you are traveling with a companion, he/she can avail of the same benefits provided that he/she also has an airasia Platinum card/AirAsia Credit Card and his/her airasia member ID has been added to the Manage My Booking page in the AirAsia website at the time booking. To make sure you enjoy these wonderful benefits, don't forget to provide your airasia member ID when booking flights online or thru a travel agent.

Also, as an airasia Platinum Member, you get first dibs on airasia’s rewards sale and participate in Final Call Sale where you can save up to 90% on AirAsia flights.

To maintain your airasia Platinum status* for the second year onwards, you must reach the minimum spend requirement per year:

  • Php200,000 annual spend on non-AirAsia goods and services; or,
  • At least Php5,000 spend on AirAsia goods and services

**If required spend is not met within the indicated period, membership status will change from Platinum to Red.

**The Platinum Membership status and its accompanying privileges are exclusive to AirAsia Principal cardholders only.

airasia rewards Earn & Other Benefits

Terms and Conditions

  1. Call 8888-1-818 to complete the card activation process upon card receipt.
  2. All retail purchases of principal and supplementary cardholders will earn airasia points. Cash advance, Cash Loan/YourCash, Balance Transfer, Balance conversion, Unli0%, and Unli Installment transactions will not earn airasia points. For installment purchases, airasia points will be awarded when the monthly amortization is posted.
  3. airasia points earned for the statement cycle will be reflected in your Monthly Statement of Account. To check your accumulated airasia points, log on to your airasia Member account via or the airasia Super app.
  4. To redeem, you must log on to your airasia Member account at or the airasia Super App. Redemptions shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the airasia rewards program via or at the airasia Super App.
  5. airasia points earned for the cycle will be automatically forfeited if the AirAsia Credit Card is cancelled or becomes past due.
  6. The airasia points are not transferable to any other card. You cannot combine your AirAsia Credit Card airasia points with the points earned on your other RCBC Credit Cards.
  7. airasia points earned in respect of any reversed, disputed or void transactions will be deducted from your airasia points in the succeeding months’ earnings.
  8. The airasia points cannot be exchanged for cash or redeemed as rebate or credit to your AirAsia Credit Card. Disclaimers: RCBC and RCBC Bankard Services Corp. do not accept responsibility and are not liable in case of death or injury or consequential loss or damage arising from the consumption or acquisition of a product or service acquired through the airasia points.
  9. General Policies 
    • airasia rewards has the right to avail of the services of an agent or contractor to carry out all or part of the airasia rewards program on its behalf. As a Cardholder, you, therefore, agree to supply this agent or contractor with the information required for these parties to perform their duties.
    • The settlement of all disputes or disagreements pertaining to the eligibility of Cardholders to participate in the rewards program as well as the validity of airasia points earned for redemption, accumulation, or application to other similar programs, will be handled by RCBC, RCBC Bankard Services Corp. and AirAsia at their own discretion.
    • RCBC, through RBSC, shall exercise all possible means to ensure that all information disseminated in respect of the airasia rewards program is accurate but shall not be held liable in the event of any errors or omissions in the process of dissemination where the same is not due to the fault or negligence of RCBC.
  10. These terms and conditions are subject to relevant laws, rules, and regulations and may change at anytime subject to prior notice

General Terms and Conditions

  1. By activating or using the AirAsia Credit Card, Cardholders are deemed to agree to be bound by and subjected to the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits Terms and Conditions and any additional terms and conditions stipulated by AirAsia (including the terms and conditions stipulated by Big in respect of the Big  Program) from time to time. These Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representations contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits. AirAsia reserves the absolute right to vary, delete or incorporate any additions to these Terms and Conditions (wholly or in part) from time to time without any prior notice to Cardholders.
  2. AirAsia reserves the right to vary, revise, amend, impose, substitute, add and/or change any of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits without prior notice to Cardholders. The revised and/or new Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately upon the same being posted on (“Website”). AirAsia may issue a notice to Cardholders concerning any new or revised terms and conditions, but shall it shall not be mandatory for AirAsia to issue such notices and the same shall be at AirAsia’s sole discretion. Accordingly, notwithstanding the above, advance and prior notice of any changes to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits may not be given especially of it is deemed necessary to make any such change immediately. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions will be on the Website. We advise you to check the Terms and Conditions regularly whenever you visit the Website to ensure that you have seen it and are aware of our latest or updated terms and conditions in relation to the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits.
  3. The retention or use of your AirAsia Credit Card after the effective date of any variation, amendment, revision, substitution or change to the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of such variation, revision or change without reservation by you. If you do not accept the proposed variation, amendment, revision, substitution or change, you are entitled to terminate the use of your AirAsia Credit Card by contacting RCBC Bank, and the provisions relating to termination in accordance with RCBC Bank’s terms and conditions shall apply.
  4. Notwithstanding the above, AirAsia reserves its absolute right to suspend, withdraw, cancel or terminate the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits (in whole or in part or any feature or benefit in relation thereto) without reason and/or any prior notice to the Cardholders. For the avoidance of doubt, withdrawal, cancellation, termination or suspension of the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits by AirAsia shall not entitle the Cardholders to any claim against or compensation from AirAsia or RCBC Bank for any losses, damages, costs or expenses suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.
  5. The AirAsia Privileges and Benefits stated herein may not applicable with any other on-going AirAsia offers, privileges, benefits, campaigns or promotions offered and/or operated solely by AirAsia or in conjunction with any of its partners, including other co-brand partners.
  6. All flight bookings made on AirAsia’s website, shall be subject to AirAsia’s additional terms and conditions as stated therein including AirAsia’s terms and conditions of carriage.
  7. The decisions of AirAsia, RCBC Bank and/or airasia rewards  in relation to every aspect of the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits shall be deemed final and conclusive under all circumstance and no complaint or dissatisfaction from any Cardholders will be entertained. AirAsia’s (or RCBC Bank and/or airasia rewards, where applicable) decisions in relation to all aspects of the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits is final, binding and conclusive under all circumstances.
  8. AirAsia and airasia rewards shall bear no responsibility for any damage, loss (including but not limited to direct, indirect and consequential loss), liability, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by the Cardholders in connection with AirAsia Privileges and Benefits.
  9. In the event of any inconsistency, conflict, ambiguity or discrepancy between the English version and any other languages of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail at all times.


How to Apply

  • How to Apply Step 1 Icon

    1. Choose a Card

    Choose the right RCBC Credit Card for you.

  • How to Apply Step 2 Icon

    2. Apply Online

    Accomplish the online application form, submit documentary requirements and digitally verify yourself.

  • How to Apply Step 3 Icon

    3. Verification

    We’ll get in touch with you to verify some information on your application.

  • How to Apply Step 4 Icon

    4. Card Delivery

    You will get a notification once your card is on its way to you!

You can also applyat any RCBC branch or RCBC Credit Card sales booths.

  • You must be 21-65 years old to qualify as a Principal Cardholder.
  • You must be 13-65 years old to qualify as a Supplementary Cardholder.
  • You must have a mobile number and landline in your place of work.

    Requirements for Employees

  • Completely filled-out and signed application form
  • A copy of one (1) valid ID with photo and signature (i.e. UMID, Passport, Driver's License)
  • A copy of any proof of income:
    For Employed
    • Latest Income Tax Return and/or W2 with BIR or Bank Stamp
    • Latest payslip stating monthly salary
    • Original Certificate of Employment (COE) with annual income details and signed by authorized Human Resources Group signatory. COE must not be more than six (6) months old
    • Latest bank statement showing the salary credit for the month
    For Self-Employed, Proprietor, or Businessman
    • Latest Audited Financial Statement (AFS) with BIR or Bank Stamp and latest Income Tax Return (ITR) and/or W2 with BIR or Bank Stamp
    • Latest bank statement showing cash credits/sales receipt for the month

*Processing of credit card applications may take from 10 to 15 banking days

Membership Fee (Principal)
Membership Fee (Supplementary) Php150/month
See the latest Interest Rates and Other Fees & Charges here.
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