Make life more convenient with UnliPay!

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With UnliPay, you can make real-time payments directly to any local bank or e-wallet account using the available limit of your RCBC Credit Card in just a few taps!
Use UnliPay to pay for the following:

Monthly Rent & Bills

Tuition & School Fees

Insurance, Taxes,
Association Dues

Purchases from Online Sellers,
Caterers, and more

Fund Transfer
and Other Expenses
UnliPay is available through the RCBC Pulz app. 
There's no need to pre-enroll your RCBC Credit Card or the beneficiary and it's super easy to use!

Here's how it works:
    1. After signing in to RCBC Pulz, go to the “Credit Card” tab, and tap “UnliPay”.
    2. Choose Destination Account. Select a local bank or e-wallet and enter your recipient's account details.
    3. Enter the amount and the purpose of your payment. Review and swipe “Slide to Pay”.
    4. Verify your transaction by entering your One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number or through fingerprint authentication or face ID.
    5. All done! A confirmation message with the transaction details will appear on the screen

Your payment will be processed and credited to your nominated bank account in real time via RCBC* or InstaPay**.

A processing fee of 3% or 50 whichever is higher will be charged for every successful UnliPay transaction.

*For transaction amounts 300,000 and below, for RCBC accounts.
For transaction amounts 50,000 and below, for non-RCBC accounts.

Terms & Conditions apply.

You can enjoy waived UnliPay processing fee when you convert your UnliPay transaction to Unli Installment for 6 months & up via the RCBC Pulz App!

Your UnliPay processing fee will be automatically reversed once you’ve successfully converted it to Unli Installment for 6 months & up. The reversal will be reflected and posted in your account within the cycle date.

Got questions?  We answer some of your frequently asked questions below.


RCBC UnliPay (“UnliPay”) allows principal cardholders in good standing to use their Philippine Peso-dominated RCBC Credit Card to make payments in Philippine Pesos via bank transfer.

U.S. Dollar-denominated credit cards cannot be used for UnliPay.


2.1. UnliPay is available only on the RCBC Digital (mobile app). Subject to Section 3 below, the cardholder may use their RCBC Credit Card to send payment to any Philippine bank account that participates in Instapay and Pesonet.

If the transaction amount is PHP50,000.00 or below, the payment shall be credited in real-time to the beneficiary’s bank account. For payments that are more than PHP50,000.00, payment shall be credited within the day if paid before 2pm, while payments made from 2pm onwards shall be credited the following banking day.

The cardholder acknowledges that RCBC Credit Card has no control over the posting of credits to the beneficiary’s bank account.

2.2. There shall be no limit on the number of UnliPay transactions per day. However,UnliPay transactions are subject to a maximum cumulative amount limit of PHP300,000.00 per credit card account within the last 30 calendar days or the credit card’s available limit, whichever is lower. RCBC Credit Card may revise such limits anytime at its discretion.

2.3. UnliPay transactions will be deducted from the credit card’s available credit limit upon availment. It will be posted on the same day as the payment, provided payment is done on a banking day. Otherwise, it will be posted on the next banking day.

2.4. UnliPay transactions will not earn Rewards points.

2.5. UnliPay transactions are eligible for conversion under Unli Installment, but not for Unli 0%. Terms and conditions of Unli Installment found here shall apply.


3.1. The cardholder shall be held accountable for all UnliPay transactions.

3.1.1. The cardholder shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and the proper use of the facility and security features such as the One-Time Password (OTP) provided as part of the service authentication and verification process. THE CARDHOLDER SHOULD NEVER SHARE THE OTP WITH ANYONE.
3.1.2. The cardholder shall ensure the accuracy of the information required to facilitate payment, such as but not limited to the following: Payment Amount Beneficiary bank details such as bank name, account number, account name. The cardholder shall secure the beneficiary’s consent to provide the latter’s name and bank account details to RCBC Credit Card for the purpose of processing the payment.

3.1.3. The cardholder fully understands and agrees that once the transaction is confirmed, it can no longer be cancelled or reversed, regardless of whether wrong information was provided or an encoding error was committed.

3.2. The cardholder shall NOT use UnliPay for any of these purposes:

3.2.1. Send payment to oneself or to one’s own account
3.2.2. As a cash advance facility for oneself or to any third-party
3.2.3. As a bills payment service for any third-party
3.2.4. As a facility for any business purpose
3.2.5. As payment to debt such as credit card or loan dues
3.2.6. Payment for quasi-cash transactions
3.2.7. Fraudulent, illegal, or unlawful acts
3.2.8. Any other purpose, which in the reasonable belief of RCBC Credit Card, constitutes a breach of the relevant card association or network rules

3.3. RCBC Credit Card shall take any and all necessary and available actions as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to declining the Unlipay transaction or temporarily or permanently suspending the cardholder’s use of/access to Unlipay without prior notice if it suspects a breach of any of the UnliPay terms and conditions. The cardholder shall indemnify RCBC/RCBC Credit Card for any loss, damage, liability, and expenses (including legal costs to enforce or protect its rights), incurred/suffered by RCBC/RCBC Credit Card as a result of such breach.

If deemed necessary, RCBC Credit Card may conduct an investigation with the full cooperation of the cardholder.

3.4. The cardholder understands and accepts that in case Unlipay, the credit card account, and/or these terms are affected by a change in law, rules or regulations, the corresponding charges/adjustments may be posted to their credit card account or shall be payable on demand.


4.1. For the purpose of processing the UnliPay transaction, the cardholder consents to the disclosure by RCBC/RCBC Credit Card of the cardholder’s personal information/data as defined under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, including but not limited to their name, address, date of birth, credit card number,to the following persons:

4.1.1. The agents, service providers, and/or associates of RCBC/RCBC Credit Card ; and
4.1.2. Any bank or financial institution involved in the payment, which includes the bank of the recipient/beneficiary.

4.2. The cardholder grants the same authority to disclose information to law enforcers, police, regulators, or courts of competent jurisdiction or any public officer conducting investigations in connection with any offense or alleged offense related to UnliPay.


5.1. The cardholder fully understands and accepts that the use of UnliPay is at the cardholder’s sole risk. Further, that RCBC/RCBC Credit Card is providing UnliPay on “as is”/“as available” basis, disclaiming and making no representation or warranty of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory, including any implied warranties of title, merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, compliance with any description, non-infringement or any implied warranty arising from a course of performance, course of dealing, usage of trade or otherwise.



6.1. The cardholder holds RCBC/RCBC Credit Card free and harmless from any loss, damage, cost, or expense incurred/suffered by the cardholder due to any of the following:

6.1.1. Erroneous encoding of information;
6.1.2. Failure to provide correct, complete, or necessary information;
6.1.3. Improper use of the UnliPay facility;
6.1.4. Interruption or delay in the processing, transmitting, or posting of payments;
6.1.5. Unavailability or inaccessibility of RCBC Digital or of Unlipay;
6.1.6. Discontinuance of the feature;
6.1.7. Fraud, negligence, act, or omission of any third party;
6.1.8. Compliance with law, rules or regulations, or orders from the court or administrative agencies;
6.1.9. Other causes that cannot be reasonably foreseen, or are beyond the control of, or could not be expected to be avoided by RCBC/RCBC Credit Card.

6.2. RCBC/RCBC Credit Card shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, or expense arising out of or in connection with the cardholder’s neglect or failure to keep the OTP or other security-related information confidential.

6.3. The cardholder shall not involve and shall defend RCBC/RCBC Credit Card against any claim, dispute, suit, or action arising from or relating to dealings between the cardholder and a third party/beneficiary/intended beneficiary concerning the payment amount, bank account details, payment date, or delivery of goods/services.


7.1. A processing fee of 3% of the transaction amount or PHP50.00, whichever is higher, will be charged for every successful transaction.

A “successful transaction” refers to the crediting of the payment amount to the beneficiary’s bank account based on the information entered by the cardholder or any person who had access, authorized or unauthorized, to the cardholder’s RCBC Digital account.

7.2. The processing fee will be charged to the credit card account used for the UnliPay transaction and on the same day as the posting of the UnliPay payment amount.

7.3. Applicable credit card interests, fees, and/or charges shall apply on successfully posted transactions.

7.4. The cardholder shall be liable for all taxes and charges in connection with payment/s made through the use of UnliPay.


8.1. The cardholder may file a dispute on UnliPay transactions posted to the credit card account via the RCBC Credit Card contact center.

8.2. Transaction reversal/s, including applicable fees, shall be processed upon investigation and confirmation of unsuccessful transfer as coordinated with the applicable fund transfer network (Instapay or Pesonet). The cardholder acknowledges that RCBC Credit Card no longer has control or visibility on the payment transaction once successfully transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account.


9.1. These terms and conditions shall be construed and governed by Philippine law and the exclusive venue of all suits directly or indirectly arising from these shall be the proper court in Pasig City; the cardholder waives any other venue.

9.2. The General Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of RCBC Credit Cards, which is available at https://rcbccredit.com/terms-conditions,the terms and conditions of RCBC Digital, and other provisions contained in the card carrier, statement of account, charge slips, and other documents or instruments posted or delivered by RCBC Credit Card, shall apply and are made an integral part hereof by reference. In case of irreconcilability, the terms and conditions herein contained shall prevail with regard to the Unlipay feature.

Explore our FAQs

UnliPay is a feature available in the RCBC Pulz app that allows you to make fund transfers to any local bank account for payments such as rent, tuition, and school fees, insurance premiums, taxes, professional fees, purchases from local sellers, and other expenses using your RCBC Credit Card.

All principal cardholders of peso-dominated RCBC Credit Cards whose accounts are active and in good standing may avail of this feature.

UnliPay is not available for Dollar credit cards.

A processing fee of 3% or ₱50 whichever is higher will be charged for every successful UnliPay transaction.

No. UnliPay transactions will not earn Rewards Points.

UnliPay is only available through the RCBC Pulz app. No worries, setting up an account in the RCBC Pulz app is easy! Here’s a quick guide.

For payments to non-RCBC deposit accounts that are more than ₱50,000, payment shall be credited within the day if paid before 2:00 PM while payments made from 2:00 PM onwards shall be credited the following banking day.

For payments to RCBC deposit accounts that are ₱300,000 or less, payment shall be credited within the day.

No, you cannot use UnliPay to make fund transfer to your own bank account.

If you have entered incorrect beneficiary bank account name, account number, or amount, refunds or cancellations will not be allowed once the Unlipay transaction has been successfully processed.

RCBC Credit Card does not carry out any independent verification on the nominated beneficiary account, so please ensure to input the correct details and review the transaction before you click submit.

There is no maximum number of times you can avail of this feature. However, UnliPay transactions are subject to a maximum cumulative amount of ₱300,000 per credit card account for the last 30 calendar days. There shall be no limit on the number of transactions made in a day or within 30 days.

Starting February 22, 2023, you can convert your UnliPay transactions to Unli Installment through the RCBC Digita App! Plus, you'll enjoy WAIVED UnliPay processing fee for UnliPay conversion to 6 months & up installments.

You may also request for UnliPay conversion to Unli Installment through Customer Service and the Unlipay processing fee will still be waived. However, please note that there’s a ₱250 processing fee for every purchase conversion request through Customer Service hotline or email. Thus, it is best that conversion of Unlipay to Unli Installment be done through the RCBC Pulz app.

No, UnliPay conversion is only eligible for Unli Installment terms of 6 months & up.

Your UnliPay processing fee will be automatically reversed once you’ve successfully converted it to Unli Installment for 6 months & up. The reversal will be reflected and posted in your account within the cycle date.

Once your UnliPay transaction is posted on your account and you can see the “<” mark, you can already convert it to Unli Installment. You may also convert your UnliPay transactions from your latest Statement of Account.