Budget Management

Your RCBC Credit Card has been developed to make your life better. On top of providing you the most flexible Rewards Program, it’s your shopping companion that’s both empowering while espousing responsible spending.

Your RCBC Credit Card provides you with first-of-its-kind financial management tools that give you financial control and empowerment.

Unli Installment

Convert your straight purchases to installment for up to 36 months.

Spend Monitor

Get real-time SMS advisories on your credit card spending.


Pay anyone, anytime via real-time funds transfer using your RCBC Credit Card!

Spend Analyzer

Keep track of all your credit card transactions.

Fast BillsPay

Experience hassle-free and rewarding bills payment.

Balance Conversion

Convert your statement outstanding balance to installment.


Enjoy worry-free shopping with 0% installment for up to 36 months.

Balance Transfer

Consolidate your credit card bills in one card.