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What is a Co-Branded Credit Card, and Do You Need One?

Credit Card Tips
March 07, 2024
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When you become a credit cardholder, your purchasing power increases. From typical shopping to large-scale investments, credit cards let you transact with various establishments. Unsurprisingly, global credit card ownership skyrocketed to over 1.2 billion users in 2023

Credit card types vary, and one that particularly stands out is the co-branded credit card. Besides everyday purchases, you can use a co-branded credit card for luxury, comfort, and exclusive rewards. That's right, having a co-branded credit card could be a game-changer for your wallet.

What is a Co-Branded Credit Card?

A co-branded credit card is one that a credit card company issues in partnership with a well-known brand, usually in retail, travel, or hospitality services. Co-branded credit cards enjoy tailored benefits and rewards from the partner brand on top of the typical features of a regular credit card.

Cards of this type typically display the logos of the card network and the retailer. But while they commonly offer perks for purchases made at the co-branded retailer, they also provide incentives for regular, non-specific purchases.

Like traditional cards, co-branded credit cards have standard financial terms, including interest rates, annual fees, and credit limits. Merchants accept the latter anywhere that honors the card network. Some popular examples in local banking include the following:

  • RCBC ZALORA Credit Card is the first credit card dedicated to fashion and lifestyle in the region, offering rewards with every online shopping spree you indulge in. Also the first eco-friendly card available in the Philippines, this co-branded card provides you with free ₱5,000 shopping credits as your welcome gift.Plus, it allows you to earn more with up to 6% cashback on ZALORA & other online purchases.
  • RCBC Landmark Anson's Mastercard enables you to secure a rebate on straight purchases at Landmark Department Store, Landmark Supermarket, and Anson's store every Monday to Friday. Earn one reward point for every ₱50 spent and unlock a range of benefits.
  • AirAsia Credit Card provides holders with the prime opportunity to secure free flights faster. Earn 8,000 AirAsia points as a welcome gift by spending as low as ₱20,000 within the first 60 days of your card’s issuance. You can then use these points to redeem free flights or vouchers from Lazada, SM Gift Pass, Grab, and a lot more through the AirAsia Super App

5 Advantages of Co-Branded Credit Cards

If you're new to credit cards, you're in for a treat from co-branded cards. A co-branded credit card lets you purchase items, streamline transactions, and elevate your lifestyle with multiple benefits and rewards. Below are the following:

  1. Exclusive merchant discounts and sale events
    Being a co-branded credit cardholder keeps you in the loop and gets you early access to the latest products of your favorite brand. Whether it's fashion, electronics, or travel, co-branded credit cards offer a VIP pass to various discounts and promos. These translate to savings, making purchases rewarding and budget-friendly for you.
  2. Brand-specific rewards
    Co-branded credit cards
    take rewards a notch higher by giving away brand-specific incentives, such as free flights and hotel stays. Occasionally, you may receive gift certificates, turning your everyday transactions into opportunities for exciting bonuses. Plus, these cards often provide purchase rebates, allowing you to earn back a percentage of your spending.
  3. Special installment offers from your preferred brands
    This feature lets you shop from your favorite brands and pay in manageable installments. Some offer low or zero interest. That way, you can get a flexible financing option that aligns with your lifestyle. Notably, RCBC credit cards have affordable installment plans for customers on a budget.
  4. Enhanced customer service and support
    When you own a co-branded credit card, you can benefit from superior customer service for being loyal to the partner retailer or organization. Think of dedicated support lines, faster issue resolution, and personalized assistance. This brand of service makes credit card ownership less concerning.
  5. Additional benefits
    Aside from rewards, co-branded credit cards allow a sense of personalization. You can customize your card according to your needs and goals since you're responsible for setting up your regular spending limit. It's also possible to impose international spending restrictions and turn global usage on or off, among other options.

    Additionally, certain co-branded credit cards extend perks like insurance coverage and exclusive access to premium locations. These include airport lounges and golf courses. A great example of this is RCBC's credit card catalog, offering international travel insurance and other world-class lifestyle pluses perfect for jetsetters and frequent travelers.

    Meanwhile, others provide VIP access to concerts, sporting events, behind-the-scenes tours, etc., as extra exclusivity to your cardholder privileges.

Elevate Your Finances and Lifestyle with a Co-Branded Credit Card

With the various credit cards available out there, it can be challenging to choose one. However, if the benefits above sound appealing, a co-branded credit card can be perfect whether you're a first-time credit card owner or a loyal user. These cards redefine your shopping transactions from exclusive merchant discounts to special installment offers and enhanced customer service.

If you're ready to experience everything that co-branded credit cards can offer, look no further than RCBC Credit. Our diverse product lineup caters to every unique need and lifestyle. Plus, exclusive travel perks, fashion rewards, and more await you courtesy of RCBC co-branded credit cards.

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