Rewards Program

Each time you use your RCBC Credit Card, you will earn flexible, non-expiring Rewards Points that you can redeem in so many ways!

Turn your everyday purchases with your RCBC Credit Card into rewarding experiences.
  • Earn flexible, non-expiring Rewards Points for your purchases.
  • Redeem your Rewards Points in a variety of ways:

      Convert your Rewards Points into RCBC Credit Card AIRMILES which you can redeem for your choice of mileage points: Mabuhay Miles (Philippine Airlines), Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific), or airasia points. 


      RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Points may be exchanged for Gift Certificates at SM, Robinsons, Landmark (excluding BGC Branch),  Anson's MANGO, Wilcon, and more. See the full list here.


      Save while you spend using your RCBC Credit Card when you convert your Rewards Points as cash deposits to your existing RCBC Savings/Current account. For non-RCBC depositors, you can also use your Rewards Points to open a new deposit account!


      Have your rewards points credited back as cash to your RCBC Credit Card. You can use the cash credit for shopping, as payment to your outstanding balance, or as a membership fee waiver.


      RCBC Credit Cards is not just all about shopping. It also provides a venue through which you can share some of your blessings with our less fortunate and underprivileged fellow Filipinos. Through the Rewards for the SoulRCBC Credit Cards allow you to reach out and donate to the following charitable institutions: Philippine Red Cross, SOS Children's Village Philippines, Gawad Kalinga, AY Foundation, Zonta Club of Makati, World Vision Philippines, and WWF-Philippines. Donate using your rewards points. A little help will go a long way.

  • Initial redemption starts at 3,300 Rewards Points.  
  1. Definition of Terms
    In these Terms and Conditions, the following definition of terms apply: “Account” or “Card” refers to your RCBC Credit Cards – RCBC Mastercard, RCBC Visa, RCBC JCB, and RCBC UnionPay Credit Cards. “You” refers to the Principal Cardholder, the person in whose name the account is maintained. “Supplementary or Extension Cardholder” refers to the person to whom an additional card is issued with respect to your accounts. “RCBC” is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, issuer of the RCBC Credit Cards. “RBSC” is RCBC Bankard Services Corporation, the entity servicing the credit card business of RCBC and implementing all actions pertaining to the RCBC Credit Cards for and on behalf of RCBC. “Rewards Points” refer to the points accumulated and redeemed in various modes as identified under the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Program. “RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Program” refers to the rewards program of RCBC Credit Cards as governed by these Terms and Conditions. “RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Voucher” refers to a certification of Rewards Points redeemed by the cardholder which can be used by the cardholder according to the mode of redemption he or she desires. “Merchant” refers to any merchant establishment which has agreed or may agree from time to time to participate in the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Program.
  2. Eligibility
    RCBC Credit Cards Rewards is open to all cardholders of RCBC Credit Cards, except for Corporate Card, and some other co-brand card programs to be determined solely by RCBC.
  3. Rewards Points Earned
    1. Receive their peso equivalent value in RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers which can be exchanged for Gift Certificates at selected merchant partners;
    2. Receive their peso equivalent value in RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers and use them as direct payment for goods and services at selected merchant partners;
    3. Apply as waiver for your annual fees;
    4. Convert equivalent value to a Manager’s Check;
    5. Credit their peso equivalent to your existing RCBC checking or savings account, or use them to open a new RCBC checking or savings account;
    6. Apply their peso equivalent as spending credit to your RCBC Credit Card account for future purchases or as payment for your outstanding balance;
    7. Apply as donation to Gawad Kalinga, AY Foundation, SOS Children's Villages Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, Zonta Club of Makati, World Vision Philippines, and WWF-Philippines under RCBC Credit Cards' advocacy program;
    8. Convert them to RCBC Credit Cards Airmiles (requires prior enrollment in the RCBC Credit Cards Airmiles Rewards Program); or
    9. Receive their peso equivalent as Cash Rebate (requires prior enrollment in the RCBC Credit Cards Cash Rebate Rewards Program).
    (Important Notice: For co-brand programs of Landmark-Anson’s and Mango, only redemption options under Items i, ii, iii, and vi shall be applicable. Meanwhile, AirAsia co-brand programs are governed by separate Rewards Terms & Conditions.)
  4. Although Rewards Points accumulate under the Principal Cardholder’s name only, purchases made by the Supplementary Cardholder also earn Rewards Points.
  5. For redemption purposes, you may combine all the Rewards Points you earned on several RCBC Credit Card accounts provided all these accounts are listed under your name as a single Principal Cardholder, and these are Core Brand Cards. Rewards Points earned from Dollar Cards and Co-Brand Cards cannot be combined. Rewards Points earned, however, are not transferable to other accounts.
  6. Redeemed Rewards Points shall be deducted from your accumulated points and may not be credited back.
  7. Rewards Points earned may be cancelled if the Terms and Conditions of the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Program and the issuance of the RCBC Credit Cards are found to have been violated.
  8. Your lost, stolen or spoiled RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers and Gift Certificates shall not be replaced. Furthermore, any alteration or evidence of tampering on the face of the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers and Gift Certificates will render these invalid.
  9. The use of your RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers at a participating Merchant shall be subject to the rules and regulations of that particular Merchant. RCBC assumes no responsibility for and disclaims any liability with respect to such requirements
  10. The RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers are deemed used up once they are surrendered by the Cardholder to the Merchant in exchange for his/her chosen rewards. Any unused portion resulting from this is considered forfeited.
  11. Your RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.
  12. Redemption Policies
    1. Requests for redemptions of RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Points are done simply by calling RCBC Credit Cards Customer Service at 8888-1888 for Classic, Gold and Co-Brand Cards, or the Premium Card Service at 8888-1883. Choose Rewards Redemption from the options and indicate the Reward points that you wish to redeem and your chosen organization to which you want to donate to.
    2. To be eligible for the Rewards Points redemption, you must be a cardholder of good credit standing with no past due/over-limit amount, and your account is neither cancelled nor terminated by RCBC at the time of your redemption. ONLY Principal Cardholders can redeem Rewards Points.
    3. Your issued RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers can either be used by you or your Supplementary Cardholders as listed in the Voucher.
    4. All your RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers will be dispatched/ delivered by courier service to your billing address within 24 hours* from receipt of your request. (*24 hours within Metro Manila, except for requests received from Friday to Sunday and holidays; 48-hour delivery outside Metro Manila).
    5. For redemption of Rewards Points as credit to the Principal Cardholder’s RCBC Credit Card account, the Peso Equivalent shall be credited to ANY of the Principal Cardholder’s RCBC Credit Card account in good standing, except for Co-Brand and Dollar Cards.
    6. For redemption of Rewards Points as credit to the Principal Cardholder’s RCBC account, the deposit shall be made only to the account of the Principal Cardholder. Deposit to accounts NOT in the name of the Principal Cardholder IS NOT ALLOWED. The Principal Cardholder should provide his/her RCBC current/ savings account information to RBSC, who, in turn, will validate the information with RCBC before making the credit. In disclosing his/her account number to RBSC, the Principal Cardholder thereby grants consent and authorizes RCBC to respond to the verification made by RBSC regarding his/her said account with these banks.
    7. For redemption of Rewards Points for a NEW RCBC deposit account, a Manager’s Check shall be issued to the Principal cardholder with the payee as “RCBC FAO (name of Principal Cardholder)”. The Manager’s Check can only be deposited to RCBC for the purpose of opening a new CA/SA deposit account.
    8. For redemption of rewards points in Manager’s Check, the payee shall be the Principal Cardholder and the check shall be for the payee’s account only.
  13. Taxation
    1. Prevailing Government Tax Laws shall apply.
    2. If any or all of your redeemed Rewards Points resulted from business transactions, it is possible that redemption of your earned Rewards Point could result in income tax liability to your account.
    3. Any handling fee and corresponding tax will be your sole liability as a cardholder.
  14. Disclaimers
    RCBC, through RBSC, does not accept responsibility and is not liable to the cardholder in case of death or injury or consequential loss or damage arising from the consumption or acquisition of a product or service acquired through the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Vouchers.
  15. General Policies
    1. RCBC, through RBSC, has the right to avail itself of the services of an agent or contractor to carry out all or part of the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Program on its behalf. As a Cardholder, you therefore agree to supply this agent or contractor with the information required for these parties to perform their duties.
    2. The settlement of all disputes or disagreements pertaining to the eligibility of Cardholders to participate in the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Program as well as the validity of Rewards Points earned for redemption, accumulation, or application to other similar programs, will be handled solely by RCBC at its own discretion.
    3. RCBC, through RBSC, will exercise all possible means to ensure that all information disseminated regarding the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards is accurate but will not accept liability for errors or omissions inadvertently committed in the process of dissemination.
    4. RCBC Credit Cards' travel insurance and its corresponding benefits will not apply to flights taken through the RCBC Credit Cards Rewards Program issued by a participating merchant partner.
    5. For rewards points applied as donation to advocacy programs under Paragraph III(7) by members of the same advocacy program (ex. Zonta Club), RCBC Credit Cards may, upon request of the advocacy group, provide a summary of the donations made by its members, for purposes of recognizing said members contribution to the advocacy program.
  16. Amendment of Terms and Conditions
    1. RCBC, through RBSC, reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of RCBC Credit Cards Rewards at any time upon prior notice to Cardholders.
    2. These Terms and Conditions are subject to relevant laws, rules, and regulations.
Ready to redeem your Rewards Points? Here's how:

via Chat with Erica

Chat with Erica on our website to redeem your Rewards Points for AIRMILES or Shopping Vouchers.

Available to the following cards: World & Platinum Mastercard, Gold & Classic Mastercard, Flex Gold & Flex Visa, and JCB Platinum, Gold & Classic

via Customer Service Hotline

For other rewards redemption offers, please call us at (02) 8888-1888.

How Can I Earn Rewards Points?
Select your Credit Card

  1 Rewards Point for every ₱36 spend at discretionary merchants including dining, shopping, travel, and more

  1 Rewards Point for every ₱125 spend on service merchants including supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations

  1 Rewards Point for every ₱250 utility bill payment via Fast BillsPay

Peso Equivalent of your Rewards Points
Points Rewards Peso Equivalent
3,300 Php500
6,600 Php1,000
13,200 Php2,000
33,000 Php5,000
9,900 Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Classic
4,950 Annual Fee Waiver for Supplementary Classic
19,800 Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Gold
9,900 Annual Fee Waiver for Supplementary Gold
16,500 Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Diamond Card
6,270 Annual Fee Waiver for Supplementary Diamond Card
23,760 Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Platinum Card
(excluding World Mastercard and Visa Infinite)

Disclaimer: For Co-Brand cardholders, the rewards redemption options of your respective cards will apply. 

Keep using your RCBC Credit Card and rack up your Rewards Points!

To redeem your points, please Chat with Erica or call (02) 8888-1888.