RCBC Corporate Mastercard®

Simplify your business expense management.

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RCBC Corporate Mastercard® is designed to simplify your business expense management.
Key Features & Benefits

Choice of Currency

Choose from Peso, Dollar, or both

Credit Limit Assignment

Customize spending limit per employee

Worldwide Acceptance

Accepted in 220 countries at over 35 million establishments around the world

Cash Advance

Access to cash up to 50% of available credit limit

24/7 Service & Support

A dedicated 24/7 Customer Service hotline

SMS Notification

Get notified in real-time for every purchase/transaction

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  Company Eligibility Requirements

  1. Business must be registered in the Philippines
  2. With profitable business operations in the Philippines for the last three (3) consecutive years
  3. Company must be a depositor of RCBC
  4. Hold-out Deposit for New-to-Bank Client

  Documentary Requirements

  1. Company Enrollment Form
  2. Authorized Signatory Information Sheet
  3. Endorsement Letter/Proposed Credit Limit
  4. Cardholder Information Sheet
  5. Government-issued photo ID of Signatories and Cardholders
  6. Notarized Secretary’s Certificate
  7. Service Agreement
  8. Deed of Assignment Form  (applicable only for companies who will place a hold-out deposits with RCBC)
  9. Company Profile
  10.  Latest General Information Sheet
  11. Latest three (3) years Audited Financial Statements with Notes to Financial Statements
  12.  Latest three (3) years Income Tax Return
  13. SEC Registration/Certification or Certificate of Registration (COR)/ 2303 BIR Form
  14. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
Membership Fee P1,500/year for Peso Card and US$35/year for Dollar Card
Monthly Interest Rate/Retail Monthly Effective Interest Rate 3.00% computed daily on the outstanding balance/unpaid balance
Returned Check Fee P1,500/US$30
Invoice Retrieval Fee P300/US$6
Card Replacement Fee P500/US$10
Cash Advance Fee P200/US$4
Late Payment Fee P850/US$17
Quasi-Cash Fee
(for products like money transfer, prepaid card/virtual account loading, tax payments, securities investments, etc.)
1% of the amount transacted.
For the list of quasi-cash merchant categories, click here.
Gaming/Casino Service Fee 5% of every transaction or P1,000/US$25, whichever is higher
Service Fee for Foreign Currency Transactions Enjoy our LOWEST foreign currency conversion fee at 1.68% from August 15 to November 15, 2023.
See promo details here.
For Peso Cards, all foreign currency transactions which are charged using the local currency shall be converted to Philippine Peso subject to a Service Fee of 3.5% which represents the Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay assessment fees and the Bank's service fee. Transactions in Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, Singapore Dollar, Thailand Baht, UK Pound Sterling, and US Dollar shall be converted to Philippine Peso using the foreign exchange selling rate of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation on transaction posting date. All other transaction denominations other than the aforementioned shall be converted using the Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay currency conversion rate on transaction posting date.
For foreign currency transactions converted to Philippine Peso at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad or online, a Foreign Currency Conversion Service Fee of 2.25% shall be applied to transactions amounting to ₱1,000 and up, or its foreign currency equivalent.
For Dollar Cards, all foreign currency transactions which are charged using the local currency shall be converted to US Dollar subject to a Service Fee of 3.5% which represents the Mastercard assessment fees and the Bank's service fee.
For foreign currency transactions converted to US Dollar at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad, or online, a Foreign Currency Conversion Service Fee of 2.25% shall be applied to transactions amounting to US$20 and up, or its foreign currency equivalent.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a minimum number of cardholders to be issued with RCBC Corporate Cards per company?

There is no minimum required number of employees.

How is the credit limit per employee determined?

The authorized signatory/ies of the company assigns the credit limit per employee, depending on their individual requirements.

Can we request for a credit limit request?

Yes. To request for a credit limit increase, you may send an email to corporatecardonline@rcbcbankard.com.  Your request will be processed within 2 to 3 banking days. Note that request is still subject for review and approval.

How soon can a card cancellation be effected if request is initiated by the company?

Request will be processed and take effect on the same day. For lost cards, please call our 24-hour Customer Service hotline 8888-1808 as soon as you realize your Card has gone missing for immediate blocking.

How do we pay our RCBC Corporate Mastercard bill?

Payment can be made via the following:

a. Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) from the Company's account

b. Over-the-Counter at any RCBC branches

What can the company do to ensure that all expenses made by employee cardholders are for business-related activities and not for personal use?

The company should put in place the Policies and Procedures covering its Corporate Card Program. The best practice is to have the cardholder sign an agreement certifying that he/she has read and agrees to comply with the Terms and Conditions governing the use of his/her corporate card.

How long is the application process?

Once all the documentary requirements are submitted, the standard processing time for a Corporate Card application is 10-15 banking days excluding card delivery.

What is a hold-out deposit?

A hold-out is a deposit account (savings account or current account) held as collateral against a corporate credit card facility. The hold-out amount determines the credit limit for the company, where 95% of the hold-out amount is the maximum corporate limit granted. The 5% is reserved for emergency credit limit increase requirements of the company.

For those active corporate accounts with hold-out deposits and are requesting for the termination of their company’s account, the hold-out deposit shall still be subject to a 60-day holding period to give allowance for billings that are submitted late by the merchants.

Is there any benefit to using corporate cards vs. personal cards?

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) requires top 20,000 private corporations to withhold and remit taxes on local purchases of goods (1%) and services (2%) made by its employees in the course of doing business. However, the BIR issued a Clarificatory Memo stating that if purchases were made using company-issued credit cards, said purchases would not be subject to any withholding tax. The use of corporate cards therefore allows companies to do away with the administrative difficulties associated with the process of withholding tax. (BIR RMC 72-2004).

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