Instant Advance Salary with RCBC Payday NOW

Survive petsa de peligro with instant & affordable salary advance through the RCBC Pulz app!

RCBC Payday NOW is a salary advance facility that enables RCBC Payroll account holders* to instantly receive in advance a portion of their next salary via the RCBC Pulz app.
This provides immediate and affordable access to cash during employees’ petsa de peligro, emergencies, or when incurring expenses that cannot be covered by their available funds.
Benefits for Employees
RCBC Payroll account holders* can advance up to 40% of their monthly salaries easily and receive the funds in real time!


Hassle-free via the RCBC Pulz app and payment is made easy by automatic salary deduction.


Receive the funds in just a few seconds.


As low as Php125 or 3% of the loan amount whichever is higher.

     *RCBC Payday NOW is available to pre-qualified RCBC Payroll Account holders.     
Eligible clients shall receive an SMS/Email or see an offer in the RCBC Pulz app.
Benefits for Employers
Give your employees access to instant salary advances!

Hassle-free onboarding

No company accreditation needed

No additional steps or changes in your existing payroll process

There will be no administrative tasks since applications and repayments will go through the RCBC Pulz app.

Enhanced employee benefits

Helps your employees gain access to additional funds

Be an RCBC Payroll partner now and unlock additional benefits for your employees!


RCBC  offers a complete end-to-end payroll solution from employee onboarding to payroll crediting.


RCBC offers flexible solutions that could cater to customer’s needs - from traditional to digital.


RCBC offers a wide network of branches and online ATMs that are strategically located nationwide.

For companies interested to open an RCBC Payroll relationship, please send an email to
Here’s how RCBC Payday NOW works via the RCBC Pulz app:

  1. Log in to the RCBC Pulz app.
    Click the "Loans tab, tap "Link/Apply my Loan" > "Apply for a new loan" and select "RCBC Payday NOW"
  2. Set the amount you want to avail. Slide to agree and enter your OTP to complete the transaction.
  3. Wait for a confirmation and you're done! The amount will be deposited to your RCBC payroll account in just a few minutes.
Try it now! Download & register in the RCBC Pulz app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

RCBC Payroll Clients who meet the bank’s eligibility criteria are qualified for RCBC Payday NOW.

RCBC Payroll Clients will receive a notification via SMS, email, or a pop-up ad through the RCBC Pulz app. Clients can also check the Loans tab in the app to see if they have an outstanding RCBC Payday NOW offer.

You can avail of RCBC Payday NOW starting at ₱3,000, with the maximum amount customized per client. You may check the RCBC Payday NOW offer page in the RCBC Pulz app to view how much you can avail.

Processing fee is 3% of the amount you availed or ₱125, whichever is higher. This will be deducted automatically from your loan proceeds. We will not charge any additional interest.

RCBC Payday NOW can be availed exclusively through the RCBC Pulz app. If you do not have the mobile app yet, simply download the RCBC Pulz app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, create an account, and check the Loans tab for available offers.  

You will get the proceeds (net of fees) instantly after agreeing to the terms of your loan. Should there be network issues while processing your loan, you may check again the following day to verify the status of your loan. If you are unable to push through with your availment, it is best to call our customer service hotline at (632) 8888-1895 or send an email to

Yes, for as long as you maintain good credit standing with RCBC.

RCBC Payday NOW is available only to qualified RCBC payroll clients. You may check the app regularly to see if an offer is available for you. You will also receive SMS, email, or in-app notifications in case you are qualified again for the product.

Your loan will be automatically deducted from your upcoming payroll credit on your payroll credit date.

Deductions may happen either on your upcoming payroll credit date or on the next cycle of payroll credit date depending on your take up date. If you avail the loan within 3 days from when we are expecting your payroll credit to be, repayment will start only on the next cycle of payroll credit (skipping one payroll credit date). Otherwise, repayment to the loan will start on your immediate next payroll date. To check for payments deducted from your payroll account, you may refer to your payroll account’s transaction details.

Installment period or repayment period will depend on the frequency of payroll credits to your RCBC Payroll account. Employees who receive their salaries only once a month will expect only one payment required, while those who receive salaries twice or more in a month, will expect to see two or more installment payments aligned with the frequency of their payroll. Note that a payroll credit is defined as any credit made by the employer through the RCBC Payroll system.  

You may still continue to pay for your RCBC Payday NOW by funding your RCBC Payroll Account until it is fully paid. Note that with your resignation, you may no longer be qualified for RCBC Payday NOW, unless your next employer is also a Payroll Client of RCBC.

If you were asked to close your payroll account upon resignation, you may pay your loan account directly online through bills payment facilities. Choose "Credit Cards" from the biller categories, search for "RCBC CREDIT (BANKARD)" as the biller, input your 16-digit loan account number that can be seen on your mobile app, and enter the amount to be paid then complete the transaction.

Your RCBC Payroll Account will still be deducted as long as your payroll account has available funds. However, if the account balance is insufficient, the entire account balance will be deducted to pay for the loan. If there will be an unrecovered amount at the time of debit, RCBC shall put a lien on the payroll account such that for any future credit to the account, the bank may use the available funds to pay for the loan.

If in case you are unable to fund your account, you may pay through RCBC Pulz app or RCBC Online Banking website using your 16-digit loan account number (e.g. 9170 1008 0001 2345). Please use "RCBC CREDIT (BANKARD)" as the biller.

If you have any unpaid amount due, you will be charged with a late penalty fee of 5% of the loan amount.

This product is exclusively being offered only to qualified RCBC Payroll clients.

It usually takes 2-7 days before you can re-avail and the offer is still subject to the bank’s eligibility criteria. You will know if you are pre-qualified again if you receive an SMS, email, or in-app notification from us. You can also check your mobile app to see whether an offer is available. 

Requesting for limit increases is not available at this time. The limit is solely determined by the bank and will depend on the bank’s internal eligibility criteria.

For concerns, you may call our Personal Loans Customer Service hotline at 02 8888-1895 or email
Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall apply to the availment of RCBC's Payday NOW program.

  1. The RCBC Payday NOW program allows select and pre-qualified RCBC Payroll depositors to advance a percentage of their monthly payroll credit, which will be paid on the upcoming scheduled payroll dates, within 45 days from availment of the loan.
  2. RCBC, through RCBC Bankard Services Corporation (RBSC), shall facilitate the availment, processing of loan proceeds, and payment and collections of the RCBC Payday NOW program.
  3. Definition of Terms. - The following terms, as used herein and in the RCBC Pulz App, shall be understood to mean:
    • Client - refers to the RCBC Payroll depositor who avails of the RCBC Payday NOW.
    • Fee - refers to a fixed amount or percentage to be computed against the RCBC Payday NOW amount availed.
    • Net Proceeds - refers to the amount that will be credited to the RCBC Payroll account after availment of RCBC Payday NOW. This is the RCBC Payday NOW amount, net of fee. For example, if availing of Php10,000.00 and Php300.00 is the fee, the net proceeds will be Php9,700.00 .
    • Payroll Deduction - refers to the payment mode for the RCBC Payday NOW program where payments for the RCBC Payday NOW availment shall be debited from the customer's RCBC Payroll account. The Payroll Deduction shall coincide with the actual Payroll Credit date or shall be based on the past 6-month payroll credit dates, whichever comes first.
    • No. of Payroll Deductions - refers to the frequency of payroll deductions.
    • Deductions per Payroll - refers to the amount to be paid and debited from the customer's RCBC Payroll Account which is computed as the total RCBC Payday NOW amount availed, divided by the number of Payroll Deductions.
    • Total Repayment - refers to the total amount that will be deducted from the client
    • Payroll Credit Dates - refers to the actual date when Payroll is credited or the past 6-month average historical payroll credit dates that will be the basis for payroll deduction.
    • Due Date - refers to the indicative dates on when the Payroll Deduction will happen. This coincides with the actual or scheduled Payroll Credit Dates, as defined.
  4. Purpose - By availing of the RCBC Payday NOW, I confirm that the purpose of the loans is for personal consumption or family use.
  5. I confirm and agree on the following in relation to the availment of RCBC Payday NOW:
    • Fees are based on the prevailing rates and may vary per RCBC Payroll customer. In addition, Fees will be deducted upfront from the RCBC Payday NOW amount to be availed, resulting into credited amount net of fees.
    • RCBC, through RBSC reserves the right to approve or reject RCBC Payday NOW applications and has no obligation to disclose the reasons for the rejection or disapproval thereof. RCBC, through RBSC has the sole discretion on the loan amount that can be availed for RCBC Payday NOW.
    • The RCBC Payday NOW availment can no longer be cancelled once approved.
    • RCBC, through RBSC shall credit the loan proceeds to my payroll account and provide a status via the RCBC Pulz App for real-time crediting. Should there be a delay in crediting, RBSC shall send an SMS notification to me upon crediting.
  1. Payments - Payments on the RCBC Payday NOW and late penalty fees (if applicable) shall immediately be deducted on my actual or scheduled Payroll Credit Dates following credit of the loan, and shall be subject to the following:
    • Payroll deduction - I authorize RCBC and RBSC to debit my payroll account in satisfaction of the amount due on every payment date.
    • Insufficient payment - If the credits to the payroll account for the payroll period are not sufficient to cover for the payment due, RCBC and RBSC shall debit the remaining available balance in my payroll account. Should this still not be sufficient, RCBC and RBSC shall hold the remaining unpaid amount against my RCBC Payroll Account for 30 days from the last due date. In the event of any credits to my account, whether Payroll or non-Payroll, I authorize RCBC and RBSC to continue to debit my remaining unpaid amount plus charges against said account until the full unpaid amount is collected.
    • In cases where I will receive insufficient or no credits from my employer on salary crediting day, I shall be obliged to fund my payroll account to meet the amount due on or before my scheduled due dates. I likewise assign, transfer, convey and set over unto RCBC and RBSC, its successors and/or assigns, my salaries and wages including the proceeds of my salary that may be credited to my payroll account and all benefits arising from or accruing to me pursuant to my employment, including my separation pay, retirement benefit, convertible vacation leaves, and other benefits that may be collected from my employer for the satisfaction of my obligations to RCBC and RBSC.
    • Application of Payment. - Any and all payments for my account under RCBC Payday NOW shall be applied on the following items in the order they are listed:
      • Late payment fees
      • RCBC Payday NOW transaction
  1. Late Penalty Fee - I understand that should I be unable to pay my RCBC Payday NOW transaction or outstanding balance in full, I agree to pay the Late Penalty Fee where I will be charged with a late penalty fee equivalent to 5% of my unpaid outstanding balance, accrued on a daily basis starting from the statement date until the loan is fully paid. A late penalty fee will still be applied for partial payments.
  2. Administration Fee - I understand that should I decide to pay the RCBC Payday NOW in full before maturity, a processing fee of Php 00 or 5% of the unpaid principal amount, whichever is higher will be collected. Should I decide to pre-terminate my loan, I am required to call the RCBC Bankard hotline at 8888-1895 and settle the processing fee and outstanding balance through over-the-counter payment.
  3. I acknowledge that I shall be considered in default in the event that (i) I fail to pay my obligations on my RCBC Payday NOW account, and by extension any RCBC Personal Loan, RCBC Salary Loan, RCBC Bankard credit card if applicable, (ii) I fail to observe any of the terms and conditions governing the issuance of my RCBC Payday NOW account, (iii) I fail to observe any of the terms and conditions of any contract/evidence of indebtedness and or related documents in connection with any credit facilities granted in my favor by RCBC/RCBC Bankard Services Corporation or another financial institution, (iv) any information, documentation, representation or warranty made by me in my application form that proves to have been fraudulent, untrue, incorrect or misleading at the time it was made.
  1. In case I default:
    1. The entire unpaid obligation (including unbilled balances) and all other fees and amounts payable under this Agreement shall become immediately due and payable without demand, protest or further notice of any kind, all of which I hereby expressly and willingly waive.
    2. I agree to pay late penalty fees as applicable. If RCBC/RBSC needs to refer my case to a collection agency or through an Attorney-at-Law, I shall be liable to pay the cost of collection and/or attorney's fee equivalent to twenty-five percent (25%) of the amount claimed and the expenses of litigation and judicial costs as applicable.
    3. In the event that my account shall be referred to a collection agency or an attorney-at-law for collection, I acknowledge that RCBC/RBSC shall notify me in writing of the endorsement of the collection of my account, or the endorsement of the collection of my account to a collections agency or attorney prior to actual endorsement. The notification shall include the full name of the collection agency and its contact details to which my account will be offset.
  1. The above mentioned Terms and Conditions for the implementation of the RCBC Payday NOW program may be amended and supplemented by RCBC or RCBC Bankard Services Corporation from time to time, as may be deemed necessary.