RCBC Payday Now

Survive petsa de peligro with instant & affordable salary advance through the RCBC App!

RCBC Payday NOW is a salary advance facility that enables RCBC Payroll account holders* to instantly receive in advance a portion of their next salary via the RCBC App.
This provides immediate and affordable access to cash during employees’ petsa de peligro, emergencies, or when incurring expenses that cannot be covered by their available funds.
Benefits for Employees
RCBC Payroll account holders* can advance up to 40% of their monthly salaries easily and receive the funds in real-time!


Hassle-free availment using the RCBC app. Receive funds in just a few seconds.


Just a small processing of ₱125 or 3% of the loan amount whichever is higher.

Easy payment

Automatic salary deduction

     *RCBC Payday NOW is available to pre-qualified RCBC Payroll Account holders.     
Eligible clients shall receive an SMS/Email or see an offer in the RCBC App.
Benefits for Employers
Give your employees access to instant salary advances!

Hassle-free onboarding

No company accreditation needed

No additional steps or changes in your existing payroll process

There will be no administrative tasks since applications and repayments will go through the RCBC App.

Enhanced employee benefits

Helps your employees gain access to additional funds

For companies interested to open an RCBC Payroll relationship, contact RCBC Credit Relationship Managers by sending an email to SLAccreditation@rcbcbankard.com.
Here’s how RCBC Payday NOW works via the RCBC Pulz App:

  1. Log in to the RCBC Pulz app.
    Click the "Loans tab, tap "Link/Apply my Loan" > "Apply for a new loan" and select "RCBC Payday NOW"
  2. Set the amount you want to avail. Slide to agree and enter your OTP to complete the transaction.
  3. Wait for a confirmation and you're done! The amount will be deposited to your RCBC payroll account in just a few minutes.

Try it now! Download & register in the RCBC Pulz app.

Read our FAQs

Pre-qualified RCBC Payroll account holders shall receive a notification via SMS, email, or see an offer in the RCBC App. 

The amount that can be availed is customized per RCBC Payroll account holder. You may check the RCBC Payday NOW offer page in the RCBC App to view the available loan amount. 

Yes, you may only avail of RCBC Payday NOW through the RCBC Pulz or Digital App.

Simply download the RCBC Pulz app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded & registered, click the pop-up banner upon logging in or go to the Loans tab, tap "Link/Apply my Loan" > "Apply for a new loan" and select "RCBC Payday NOW".

If you have the RCBC Digital app, you can still avail of RCBC Payday NOW. Simply go to the menu and tap on "Borrow Cash" to see your available offer.

The funds, net of fees, will be credited to your RCBC Payroll account in a few seconds. You will receive this as soon as you agree with the terms and conditions, Promissory Note, and Disclosure Statement.

We’ve made it easy for you to pay your salary advance as this will be automatically deducted from your salary on your payroll credit date. 

You may refer to the RCBC App for your payment schedule and payment progress. 

Your RCBC Payroll Account will still be deducted as long your account balance is equal to or greater than the amount due. However, if the account balance is insufficient, the amount will still be debited up to the existing balance of the account. If there will be unrecovered amount at the time of debit, RCBC shall put a lien on the payroll account such that should there will be a credit to the account, RCBC will be able to process the amount for debiting. 

This product is exclusively being offered only to pre-qualified RCBC Payroll account holders.

Deductions may happen either on the upcoming payroll credit date or on the next cycle of payroll credit date depending on the take-up date. This will be reflected in your payroll account’s transaction details.

You may call the RCBC Personal & Salary Loans Customer Service hotline at (02) 8888-1895 or send an email to loansservices@rcbcbankard.com.