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Become an RCBC QR Pay merchant today!
Why RCBC QR Pay is great for your business:

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers can opt for contactless, cashless, and cardless payment just by scanning the QR code displayed at your store.

Secured Payments

 All information is encrypted and customers don’t even need to provide their account details when paying.

Real-time Settlement

Funds are credited to your account in real time!

RCBC QR Pay uses QR PH, Philippines’ national QR code standard, which accepts payments from the following  banks and non-bank electronic money issuers (EMIs):

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RCBC QR Pay?

It is a QR payment solution wherein businesses are able to accept payments from customers by scanning the QR code using the mobile app of participating InstaPay member local banks or e-wallets.

How can RCBC QR Pay help my business?

RCBC QR Pay allows you to accept payments from a wider variety of mobile banks and e-wallets and helps you to convert cash payments to digital payments.

Safe & Secured Payments. A contactless payment solution that uses QR PH, Philippines’ national QR code standard, and is supported by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Faster transactions. Cashless payments. No more tapping, swiping, or signing needed.

Value-added services.
- Real-time or batch automatic crediting of settlement funds

- Easily monitor real-time transactions via the RCBC Merchant Portal

- 24/7 Merchant Helpdesk for any merchant’s concerns/ request

Are there different types of RCBC QR Pay?

Yes, there are two types:

1. RCBC QR Static. Printed QR Code on a QR standee display. The payment confirmation is received via SMS notification.

2. RCBC QR Dynamic. Allows customers to scan a unique QR code generated from the POS Terminal of the merchant

What banks and e-wallets can RCBC QR Pay accept?

We accept payments from various participating Instapay members. Please refer to the logos above of local banks and e-wallets that are currently accepted.

How long is the application process?

The processing time of complete applications takes around 7 to 10 banking days including the deployment of RCBC QR Pay.

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