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How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge in the Philippines

Credit Card Tips
June 29, 2022
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These days, people find it safer and more convenient to pay with a credit card. However, some credit cardholders in the Philippines experience erroneous charges or credit card scams that put their account at risk.

It is important to notify your bank immediately and file for a credit card dispute when this happens. Unfortunately, some people don't know how to do it or aren't aware that it's possible at all. Knowing how to dispute a credit card charge is something you need to know as a cardholder.

As such, this guide will walk you through the steps so that you can gain better credit card safety and protect your finances.

How to File a Credit Card Dispute

Filling a credit card dispute is a simple process to understand and undergo. Here is a quick look at what you need to know to smoothly get through the whole process.

1. Contact the merchant

When you see a transaction in your purchase history that you want to dispute, contact the involved merchant first before taking it up to your credit card provider.

Discuss the problem in detail with the retailer, then see what options you have available to resolve the issue. Different stores have various ways of dealing with situations like this. Not all can provide a satisfactory solution to the problem; some may grant you a full refund, while others won't.

2. Determine if the charge is erroneous or fraudulent

Problems with your credit card can vary. To know how best to bring up your concern with your card issuer, you need to know the nature of the unwanted charge in your account. Here are two common issues that credit card holders usually face and how you can work on resolving them.

a. Billing errors

Based on a few factors, you can file for a credit card dispute if there are any errors in the charges made on your account. This can include charges with the wrong date or amount, undelivered goods and services, and incorrect payment totals.

Generally, it is best to write a detailed letter to your credit card provider explaining what happened and why you want to file a dispute. This must be sent within 60 days from the date of the incident.

b. Fraudulent or unauthorized credit card charges

When you notice a fraudulent or unauthorized charge on your account, you can directly contact your issuer to raise your concern. Depending on the provider, they have policies that will waive charges within a certain amount. Others may require you to file a police report to track these crimes.

3. Maintain your other payments

It is important to pay off your other bills or expenses with the account, even though your dispute is still being processed. Otherwise, you risk paying off interest and other late-payment penalties.

The good thing is that you may not have to pay for the charge you're disputing until your complaint has been resolved. Still, it's good to ask your issuer about withholding the payment to ensure they won't charge you for late penalties.

4. Wait for the result

The timeline by which your dispute will be resolved will depend on how fast the credit card provider works or the complexity of the issue. Some instances are reversed immediately, while others take weeks or longer. The investigation must be thorough, so expect them to ask you for more evidence and information to validate your claim.

If your dispute is rejected, you can file an appeal to have it re-evaluated.

Safeguard Your Financial Future

Being a credit cardholder comes with both benefits and responsibilities. You need to keep careful track of your transactions to make sure it's accurate. This allows you to stay on top of your spending and keep an eye out for erroneous or fraudulent charges.

In case of any suspicious credit card activity, it's important to know how and when you should file a dispute with your bank. Depending on the issuer, disputes may have different procedures for handling the situation.

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