Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater

Helps to securely communicate account updates to credential-on-file and recurring payment merchants.

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How does Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater work?
  • Your RCBC Credit Card Mastercard will be automatically enrolled in Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) service.
  • This free service securely provides account changes (e.g. card number and expiry date updates) to participating merchants with whom you have a recurring bills payment arrangement and subscriptions.
  • This means you will no longer have to worry about re-enrolling to these merchants whenever you are issued a new card with a new expiry date or a replacement card with a different card number.
Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater (ABU)

The Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater or ABU is Mastercard’s new service whereby changes to a cardholder’s card number or expiry date is provided securely to participating merchant partners for their card-on-file transactions.

What benefit does a cardholder gain from this service?

The ABU service will save RCBC Credit Cardholders from the hassle of having card-on-file online purchase or payment transactions being disapproved because of the change in card number or card expiry due to card renewal or upgrade.

How does this service work?

Normally, when you have a recurring payment arrangement with merchants you provide them with your card account details so you can enjoy a faster online payment experience. When, however, you are issued a new card with a different number and/or expiry date, previous process was, you had to re-enroll or update your account info with the merchants to avoid having your payment rejected because of new card details. With the new Mastercard ABU service, you will no longer need to do this because ABU will provide your new card number and/or expiry date to participating merchants on your behalf thereby helping you avoid rejections due to new card information.

Will all my card details be updated?

No. Only your new card number and new expiry date will be provided to the participating merchants.

When will my card number or card expiry be changed?

Normally, when you are issued a new card because your old card was renewed, you received an upgraded card, or your card was replaced because it was lost or stolen, your card number and your card’s expiry date are changed.

Will my auto-charge enrollment in Fast BillsPay be enrolled in the Mastercard ABU service?

If you have a bill enrolled in Fast BillsPay AUTO-CHARGE, and you were issued a new card or your card got renewed, your NEW card information will automatically be updated in our Fast BillsPay AUTO-CHARGE system, hence there’s no need to enroll your bill in the Mastercard ABU service.

Will all merchants have my updated card number and/or card expiry?

No. Only participating merchants will be able to use this service. Participating merchants sign up with Mastercard directly. The list of participating merchants will be updated regularly so please check with the merchants with whom you have a recurring payment arrangement if they have signed up for the ABU service.

Will this service be available to all RCBC Credit Cards?

No. ABU will only be available to RCBC Credit Card Mastercard credit cards.

What if I don’t want to be a part of this service?

For your convenience, we are enrolling all RCBC Credit Card Mastercard credit cards in the ABU service. However, if you do not wish to avail yourself of this service, you simply have to call our Customer Service hotline at 8888-1-888 to disenroll your account.