Complimentary Travel Insurance and Purchase Protection

Enjoy a worry-free travel with your RCBC Credit Card.

Give in to your urge to travel anytime and anywhere in the world, knowing that you are assured of protection from accidents and other travel-related problems.
  • Keep yourself protected from unexpected trip-related inconveniences with complimentary Travel Insurance. Simply charge your international travel tickets to your RCBC Credit Card and register online.
  • When traveling abroad, just charge your purchases abroad to your RCBC Credit Card and enjoy FREE Purchase Protection to give you peace of mind against the accidental loss or damage of items you purchased abroad.

Benefits and coverage vary per card type.
Please refer to the information below. Terms & Conditions apply.
As you embark on meaningful experiences in the new normal, enjoy peace of mind with complimentary Travel Insurance with Travel Medical & COVID-19 Coverage on your international and domestic trips:
  • Travel medical expenses coverage for Cardholder and family members (including Spouse and up to 3 Children)
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Daily in-hospital cash benefit
  • Overseas COVID-19 diagnosis quarantine allowance
Simply charge your airfare tickets to your RCBC World Mastercard Credit Card then visit to register by following these steps:
    1. 1) Enter your 16-digit RCBC World Mastercard card number.
    1. 2) Select Travel Insurance (Registration) – you will be redirected to the AIG site.
    2. 3) Enter personal details and submit.
Once you’ve successfully registered, you shall receive a confirmation email with your insurance details. To file a claim, all you have to do is submit your claims and the relevant supporting documents here.
Terms & Conditions apply.
Click here to view the full insurance coverage, exclusions, and terms and conditions.
Purchase Protection
When traveling abroad, just charge in-store purchases abroad to your RCBC Credit Card and enjoy FREE Purchase Protection to give you peace of mind against the accidental loss or damage of items you purchased abroad.
To file a claim, fill out this form completely within 48 hours from the happening of the incident and complete claim documents within seven (7) days from the date of the incident.
Terms & Conditions apply.
  1. Protection Insurance Program (Purchase Protection) is a product being offered by RCBC Credit Cards for FREE to their cardholders that covers loss and accidental damage of items purchased OVERSEAS using RCBC Credit Card.
  2. When shall the cover commence and end?
    The cover will start from the date of purchase until 23:59 hours on the 90th day thereafter, except for items purchased under a merchandising program in which case shall commence from the date of delivery in undamaged condition to the Cardholder and until 23:59 hours on the 90th day thereafter.
  3. What is my maximum allowable benefit?
    Malayan Insurance shall only pay the purchase price of the item or the portion of such purchase price charged to the Card, up to Php 50,000 or the card’s credit limit, whichever is lower.
  4. Is the item still covered when I leave the country where I purchased it?
    YES, this is still covered. There is no geographical limit on the coverage of the item, as long as it is still within the period of ninety (90) days from date of purchase.
  5. Is Jewelry and Gems covered under this program?
    YES, but only as personal effects of the Cardholder against ROBBERY and BURGLARY, subject to a deductible (# 6). Coverage shall be from the date of purchase until the Cardholder/Insured arrives home or upon expiration of 30 days whichever comes first.
  6. Is there a deductible or participation fee when I file for a claim?
    Yes. There is a deductible of 10% of loss, or Php 5,000.00, whichever is higher, for each and every loss. Jewelry and Gems is subject to a deductible of 20% of the cost, or Php 5,000.00, whichever is higher.
  7. What items are NOT covered?
    This Insurance Program shall not cover any loss to:
    1. Property that is insured under an insurance policy, unless its coverage does not extend to cover such loss;
    2. Property that is covered under a guarantee or warranty unless the loss is not otherwise covered;
    3. Consumable and Perishables;
    4. Motor vehicles, or their motors, equipment and accessories (including communication devices intended solely for use in the vehicle), bicycles, marine craft, aircraft, model airplane and boats;
    5. Business Property purchased to be used for business purpose;
    6. Cash bank and currency notes, checks, travelers checks, money orders, postal orders, postage stamps, securities, negotiable instruments of any kind, bullion, rare or precious coins, documents or tickets of any kind, unset gemstones;
    7. Livestock, pets, animal, plants or other living creatures;
    8. Art, antiques, firearms and collectible items;
    9. Furs
    10. Jewelry, gems, precious stones and articles made of or containing gold (or other precious metals and/or precious stones) unless these are to be used as Cardholder’s personal effects and not part of the Cardholder’s trade or business
  8. What causes of loss or damage are NOT covered?
    This Insurance Program shall not cover any loss caused by or arising from:
    1. Mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, failure or derangement;
    2. Theft from any unattended vehicle unless all windows are securely closed and all doors, boot and openings are securely locked and there is a visible sign of break-in or forcible opening or entry.
    3. Marring or scratching, denting or chaffing, deterioration, depreciation, alteration, maintenance, any process of cleaning or dying, repairing or renovation, bleaching, dyeing, restoring or servicing.
    4. Leakage, loss of weight, shrinkage, evaporation, bulging, buckling, contamination, insect or vermin, inherent vice, wear and tear, rust, corrosion, mildew, atmospheric, or climactic conditions (including wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow and frost) or any other gradually operating causes;
    5. Delay, seizure, confiscation, destruction, requisition, retention or detention by customs or other government of public authority or official.
    6. The intentional, deliberate or fraudulent acts of the Cardholder or his representatives, or anyone residing in the same household or to whom the item has been entrusted.
    7. Mysterious disappearance or unexplained losses.
    8. Transit by air, vessels or ships, trains or vehicles, or any other modes of Public Transportation unless the Item is hand-carried by the Cardholder during the course of the transit.
    9. Product defects, faulty or defective design, material or workmanship, latent defect.
    10. Ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, or the radioactive toxic explosives or hazardous properties of any nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
    11. Acts of God including but not limited to earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm and tornado, flood including overflow of the sea, sandstorm.
    12. Shipping and handling expenses or installation, assembly related costs.
    13. Items purchased for resale, professional or commercial use.
    14. Losses that are caused by vermin, insects, termites, mold, wet or dry rot, bacteria or rust.
    15. Losses due to mechanical failure, electrical failure, software failure, or data failure including, but not limited to any electrical power interruption, surge, brownout or blackout, or telecommunications or satellite systems failure.
    16. Items damaged due to normal wear and tear, inherent product defect or normal course of play (such as, but not limited to sporting or recreational equipment).
    17. Items that cardholder damaged through alteration (including cutting, sawing, and shaping).
    18. Items left unattended in a place to which general public as access.
    19. Losses due to or related to nuclear, biological or chemical event.
    20. Loss which arises directly or indirectly by reason of or in connection with war, invasion, or act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war has been declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportion of or amounting to a popular uprising, military or usurped power, martial law, riot or the act of any lawfully constructed authority.
    21. The insured’s person’s failure to exercise the necessary level of care and attention needed to avoid or diminish such loss or damage to the Insured Item.
    22. Diminution in value or loss of use of the Insured Item or consequential loss of any and every kind.
  9. How can I claim?
    You may submit a claim by filling out this form completely within 48 hours from the happening of the incident and complete claim documents must be submitted to Malayan Insurance within seven (7) days from the date of the incident.
  10. What claim documents must I submit?
    A written notification to Malayan Insurance must be made within 48 hours from the happening of the incident and complete claim documents must be submitted to Malayan Insurance within seven (7) days from the date of the incident.
    1. Proof that the damaged or stolen item/s has been charged to the cardholder’s credit card
    2. Original copy of Sales Invoice or Original Receipt for the damaged or stolen items
    3. Affidavit of the cardholder on how the loss or damage of the purchased item/s was incurred
    4. Police report for Theft or Stolen Item claims
    5. Replacement cost or repair estimates for damaged item claims

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