Spend Anywhere & Get FREE Red Ribbon Baked Goodies!

Promo Highlights:

  1. An eligible RCBC JCB Credit Cardholder must register and create an account online HERE from September 16 to December 29, 2023 using the Unique Registration Code that was sent via SMS/email and the Last 4 digits of the qualified Card.

  2. from September 17 to December 31, 2023 using the qualified Card. For the list of qualified transactions, please refer to the Promo Mechanics below.

  1. Log in to your account HERE using your Unique Registration Code and the Last 4 digits of the qualified Card to view your earned bCODE/s.

    You’ll receive an electronic bCODE with the corresponding Freebie for every qualified purchase. Present the bCODE at any participating Red Ribbon stores* based on this schedule:

Receipt of bCODE
Redemption Period
October 6 to November 27, 2023
On or before January 27, 2024
December 8, 2023 to January 15, 2024On or before March 15, 2024

Qualified SpendFreebie
Minimum ₱5,000
single-receipt straight
in-store or online domestic purchase

Option 1: 3pcs Cheesy Ensaimada

Option 2: 3pcs Choco Moist

Minimum ₱25,000
single-receipt straight/installment
in-store or online domestic purchase

Option 1: Black Forest Cake Junior

Option 2: Choco Mousse Cake Junior

Option 3: Tiramisu Meltdown Cake Junior

Promo Mechanics

  1. The RCBC JCB Credit Card Spend Anywhere Promo (“The Promo”) is open to all RCBC JCB Credit Cardholders who are recipients of the promo mailer. The Principal Cardholder must have updated mobile number and email address with RCBC Bankard Services Corp. (“RCBC Credit Cards”).
  2. Promo Period: EXTENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2023
    Registration Period: September 16 to December 29, 2023
    Spend Period: September 17 to December 31, 2023
    Redemption Period: 
Receipt of bCODE
Redemption Period
October 6 to November 27, 2023
On or before January 27, 2024
December 8, 2023 to January 15, 2024On or before March 15, 2024
  1. Registration:
  1. To qualify for the promo, the Principal RCBC JCB Credit Cardholder (“The Cardholder”) must register and create an account online at https://rcbc-spendanywhere.1isadigital.com (“Promo Website”) by providing the following information:
    • Unique Registration Code. The Principal Cardholder must have updated mobile number and email address with RCBC Credit Cards to ensure receipt of the Unique Registration Code.
    • Last 4 digits of the qualified Card (“The Card”). A registration notice will prompt upon successfully inputting the correct registration code and last 4 digits of the Card.

  2. By registering for the promo, the cardholder:
  • agrees to receive SMS/text messages or e-mails, and freely consents to process his/her personal information in relation to the promo.
  • ensures the security of his/ her unique registration code provided by RCBC Credit Cards. RCBC Credit Cards will not resend, retrieve, and cannot modify or change the cardholder’s unique registration code. Codes are non-transferable and can only be used by the recipient.
  • confirms that he/she is responsible for providing his personal information and other information that may be required by RCBC Credit Cards’ third-party service provider and agrees that such information shall be subject to the confidentiality, data privacy and security terms of service provider 1ISA, Inc.
  • acknowledges that he/ she has read and understood the Promo Mechanics and agrees to be bound by same in his/ her participation.

  1. Qualified Spend:
    1. The qualified cardholder who meets the required spend “Qualified Spend” shall be entitled to receive an electronic gift code “bCODE” with the corresponding reward “Freebie” specified in the above table.
    2. The qualified cardholder will only start earning freebies for his/her qualified spend the day after he/she has successfully registered at the promo website.
    3. Illustration

       Registration Date :
      October 1, 2023

      Start earning of bCODE based on qualified transaction/purchase :
      October 2, 2023 (day after successful registration)

      Upload of bCODE :
      October 18, 2023

    4. One (1) bCODE is equivalent to one (1) freebie.
    5. bCODEs from qualified spend of the cardholders will be uploaded in the promo website based on the schedule below:
Registration Cut-Off DatePeriod of Qualified SpendUpload of bCODE
September 24, 2023September 17 to 24, 2023
October 6, 2023
October 1, 2023September 25 to October 1, 2023
October 13, 2023
October 8, 2023October 2 to 8, 2023
October 18, 2023
October 15, 2023October 9 to 15, 2023
October 27, 2023
October 22, 2023October 16 to 22, 2023
November 3, 2023
October 29, 2023October 23 to 29, 2023
November 10, 2023
November 13, 2023October 30 to November 15, 2023 November 27, 2023
November 25, 2023
November 16 to 26, 2023
December 8, 2023
December 2, 2023
November 27 to December 3, 2023
December 15, 2023
December 9, 2023
December 4 to 10, 2023
December 22, 2023
December 16, 2023
December 11 to 17, 2023
January 3, 2024
December 23, 2023
December 18 to 24, 2023
January 5, 2024
December 29, 2023December 25 to 31, 2023 January 15, 2024

The cardholder can view his/her earned bCODEs from all his/her qualified spend by logging in to his/her account at the promo website by using the same information:

  • Unique Registration Code
  • Last 4 digits of the qualified Card (“The Card”)
    1. The following transactions will not qualify for the promo to earn freebies:
        • Overseas / international transactions
        • RCBC Credit Card’s Installment Program availments such as but not limited to Balance Conversion/ Purchase Conversion, Cash Advance, CHARGE, Balance Transfer, Cash Loan, Your Cash!, UNLIPAY / Monthly amortizations from installment transactions or installment plan availment
        • All types of Auto-charge, Recurring bill transactions, Bills payment (e.g., Meralco, Telco), RCBC Credit Card’s Fast BillsPay
        • Transactions from Casino/Gambling, Money Transfers, Quasi Cash, Member FinancialInstitutions, Political Organizations, Bail, Bond Payment, Wholesale & Distribution, Multi-level Marketing/Networking, MOTO (e.g., Fern, Amway, UNO, Herbalife, UHS/USANA, Suy Sing, Dyna Drug, Young Living, and the like.)
        • Remittance, Payment Services, Online Aggregators, POI Funding Transactions, and mobile payment/mobile wallet (e.g., GCash, Lazada Top-Up, PayMaya, Grab/GrabPay, PayPal, PayMongo, Coins.ph, and the like)
        • Transactions with the following bearing the following merchant category codes: 4829, 6050, 6051, 6211, 6532, 6533, 6536, 6537, 6538, 6540, 6760, 8651, 9211, 9222, 9223, 9411,7995
        • Payments made to social media platforms, cloud service, and software providers; transactions for business purposes Credit Card is dependent on the merchant category classifications assigned by acquiring banks of each merchant establishment to be able to identify qualified transactions, but RCBC Bankard Services Corp. has the sole discretion to determine whether a transaction is classified for this promo
        • Subsequently cancelled or refunded transactions
    2. Only one (1) transaction meeting the minimum spend requirement per unique merchant per Principal cardholder account, per day shall be eligible for the promo. Transactions from one branch to another branch with the same merchant per day is strictly not allowed, and considered as splitting. Any transaction that is determined to be a result of splitting will not earn a freebie.
    3. Each cardholder with a unique registration code is only allowed to earn a maximum of twenty (20) freebies during the entire promo period, regardless of the qualified spend tier.
    4. Transactions made by the Supplementary cardholder are qualified as part of the Primary cardholder’s spend.
    5. Cardholder’s RCBC Credit Card must be active and of good credit standing at the time of uploading the bCODE, otherwise, the freebie shall be forfeited.
  1. Redemption & Usage of bCODE/s:
    1. To redeem, qualified cardholder must present his/her bCODE upon redemption at
Redemption Partner: RED RIBBON
All Red Ribbon Stores
    1. Redemption Partner will validate the bCODE via POS or online. bCODE can only be used once.
    2. Redemption is valid for dine-in and take-out only and is not valid for delivery.
    3. The cardholder may do multiple redemptions per day within the redemption period.
    4. RCBC Credit Cards reserves the right to charge the cost of the freebies redeemed against the cardholder’s credit card account should his/her redemption be found to be fraudulent in nature or should his/her earning of the freebie be found to be a result of splitting transactions.
    5. The bCODE cannot be exchanged for cash, rewards points or products other than the offers indicated above.
    6. The cardholder shall be responsible in monitoring the validity of his/her bCODE. All unredeemed bCODEs shall automatically expire based on this schedule:
      Receipt of bCODE
      Expiration Date
      October 6 to November 27, 2023
      January 27, 2024
      December 8, 2023 to January 15, 2024March 15, 2024
    7. The Promo Website will no longer be available effective March 17, 2024.
  1. The promo cannot be availed in conjunction with other ongoing promotional offers of RCBC Credit Card. Transactions that were already used to redeem treats, cash rebates or points multiplier from other RCBC Credit Card’s promotions may not be used by the cardholders to avail of the freebies. If found to have multiple availments, RCBC Credit Cards shall have the right to reverse the reward credited to the Cardholder’s RCBC Credit Card account.
  2. All questions and issues arising from the promo may be raised to RCBC only and will only be accepted the promo will only be accepted, within thirty (30) calendar days from posting of the freebie, after which the promotion is considered conclusive.
  3. RCBC Credit Cards do not represent 1ISA, Inc. & The Redemption Partner, and makes no representation to the quality of food and services provided. All feedback with regard to the quality of product and services provided shall be directed to The Redemption Partner & 1ISA Inc.
  4. In case of dispute with regard to the cardholder’s eligibility and availment of the promo, the decision of RCBC Credit Cards with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-176370 Series of 2023.