Easy Health Insurance Plan (EasyHIP)

Easy Health Insurance Plan has got you covered so you are ready for unforeseen medical expenses. Your room & board fees including other hospital charges will be taken care of in case of hospital confinement due to covered conditions by the program. This plan is exclusively available to RCBC Credit Cardholders.

Enjoy the following benefits with EasyHIP:

Cashless transactions to over 300 accredited hospitals nationwide

Easy enrollment process with no medical exams required

Easy and affordable plans for as low as ₱310/month. Payments will be conveniently charged to your RCBC Credit Card.

Get yours today and call (02) 8888-1828.

Explore our FAQs 

All RCBC Credit Cards cardholders ages 18-64 years old can enroll in EasyHIP.

Please call Credit Cards Customer Service hotline at (02) 8888-1828 to enroll.

This hospitalization plan pays for medical expenses arising from hospital confinements due to sickness, or accident, up to the maximum benefit limit of your chosen plan.

  1. Room and Board. Pays for the room & board charges per day of hospital confinement, up to a maximum of 31 days and should not exceed the maximum benefit limit.
  2. Medical Services. Pays for actual, reasonable, customary and necessary hospital charges for the duration of the hospital confinement at an accredited hospital, up to the maximum benefit limit (MBL) indicated in the chosen plan. The MBL is per illness per year of coverage, and shall cover the following:
    1. Special Hospital Services
      1. Special Hospital Services such as laboratory tests, diagnostics services, drugs and medicines taken during the hospitalization, anesthesia, etc.
      2. Emergency cases for immediate treatment and will not lead to hospital confinement.
      3. Diagnostic Procedures such as 2D Echo, CT Scan, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Mammography, Fluorescein Angiogram, among others.
    2. Surgical Expenses
    3. Anesthesiologist’s Fee
    4. Physician’s Visits
    5. Specialist’s Fee
    6. Ambulance Fee

NOTE: The benefits indicated herein are just product highlights and are subject to the terms, definitions and exclusions indicated in the Policy Contract.

We have 4 plans to choose from. Highest coverage provides a 100K maximum benefit limit while lowest provides for a 10K maximum benefit limit.

Room and Board (max of 31 days)
Up to MBL of ₱10,000
Up to MBL of ₱25,000
Up to MBL of ₱50,000
Up to MBL of ₱77,500
Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) per Sickness or Injury Per Year
₱10,000₱25,000₱50,000 ₱100,000
Easy Monthly Premium₱310₱670₱830 ₱1,060

The monthly premium will be charged to your nominated RCBC Credit Card.

Maximum benefit limit (MBL) is the maximum limit per sickness or injury per year. 

 Yes, only for pre-existing conditions. No benefit shall be payable for any Pre-Existing Conditions occurring during three (3) months waiting period from effective date of Member's insurance.

Pre-Existing Conditions shall mean any Sickness which existed or was existing, or where the Member had knowledge, signs or symptoms of the Sickness, or where medical advice or treatment or any laboratory test or investigation showed the presence of the Sickness, within two (2) years prior to the effective date or reinstatement of the Member’s benefit.

SLGFI shall pay the charges when a Member comes to a hospital’s emergency room for immediate treatment but will not lead to Hospital Confinement.

The emergency cases covered are limited to the following:

  1. Loss of consciousness (syncope/heart problems/seizure disorder);
  2. Accidental body Injury that will not lead to Hospital Confinement (fractures that need immediate operation/casting/broken bones, dislocated joints or other injuries that immobilize the patient);
  3. Open wounds that need immediate suturing and treatment (deep lacerations and cuts, and 2nd degree burn);
  4. Difficulty in breathing (extreme asthma attacks/heart problems);
  5. Vomiting with danger of dehydration (diarrhea/acute gastroenteritis);
  6. Animal bites within 24 hours after the time of accident (dog/cat/rat/snake bites); and
  7. Poisoning or suspected poisoning.

You can still use your network card since, except for chronic diseases, the MBL will be reset 45 days from date of discharge from last confinement provided you have fully recovered from your sickness or injury after 45 days.

Cardholder will have to pay the difference. That’s why we suggest getting a higher coverage.

It is an annually renewable coverage but premiums are charged monthly. The monthly premium of your chosen plan will be automatically charged to your nominated RCBC Credit Card on a monthly basis.

Your coverage will take effect upon successful billing of the first monthly premium to your nominated RCBC Credit Card. Premiums are automatically charged monthly and coverage is automatically renewed every year. As long as the premiums are successfully billed, cardholders are covered up to age 64.

You will receive a Confirmation of Cover via email as proof of coverage and a Network Card will be sent to your billing address within 10-15 working days which you may present to the hospital upon confinement.

Coverage is for hospitalization/confinement cases only, excluding out-patient availments.

Yes, RCBC credit cardholder may reimburse but subject to pre-agreed rates. As much as possible, all medical availments shall be thru Sun Life Grepa Healthcare.

Your coverage will automatically renew ever year and will end on the earliest date of any of the following:

  • When your RCBC Credit Card is cancelled;
  • When you choose to terminate your coverage;
  • When your RCBC Credit Card does not have enough available credit limit to cover the premium
  • When your RCBC Credit Card is blocked
  • When you reach your 65th birthday

We want you to enjoy the benefits of this plan. However, you may still cancel your plan provided that there are no claims made on your account within the policy year. Cancellation request can be coursed through Credit Cards Customer Service hotline at 8-888-1828.

You may present your network card upon admission.

If you don’t have your network card yet, you may contact Sun Life Grepa Group Medical Services at (02) 8 88-SLGFI (75434) / 0917-8459524 / 0998-5932754 or email SLGFIContactCenter@sunlifegrepa.com to arrange your hospital admission and your Letter of Admission (LOA).

There are over 300 partner or accredited hospitals nationwide.

Note: All members do not have access to top major hospitals:

  • Makati Medical Center
  • St. Luke's Medical Center (Quezon City)
  • St. Luke's Medical Center (BGC)
  • The Medical City
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Hospital confinement arising from the following are not covered:
  1. Functional disorders of the mind/psychiatric illness such as but not limited to anxiety and depression;
  2. Non-surgical care for tuberculosis/rest cures/PTB medicines;
  3. Congenital anomalies;
  4. Hospitalization related to medical exam or check-ups not required in connection with the treatment of Sickness or Injury, e.g., sleep apnea test;
  5. Examination of the eyes for the glasses;
  6. Dental examination, extractions, fillings and general dental attention;
  7. Drug addiction or alcoholism;
  8. Treatment for communicable disease in epidemic proportions (to be determined by the Department of Health) requiring isolation or quarantine, e.g., smallpox, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and any form of venereal disease;
  9. Injuries due to insanity;
  10. Injuries resulting from committing or attempting to commit any illegal act;
  11. Self-inflicted Injuries whether sane or insane;
  12. Special nursing care/physician care;
  13. Hospital Related Benefits not in accordance with the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions for which Hospital Confinement is required;
  14. Radium/X-ray/Chemo therapy, radium and isotopes;
  15. Plastic surgery for any condition existing on the effective date of this benefit; except if due to accident to restore to normal function;
  16. Cosmetic surgery for purposes of beautification except treatment of Injury sustained in an accident while covered;
  17. Any services or supplies for which no payment is required on account of the covered Member receiving them;
  18. Circumcision, sex transformation, diagnosis and treatment of fertility or infertility (i.e., IVF), such as oral contraceptives, artificial insemination, sterilization or reversal of such;
  19. Injuries due to war (declared or undeclared) insurrection, riots, rebellion, civil commotion or hostile action of armed forces;
  20. Injuries due to any aviation or marine activities except while the Member is riding as a fare paying passenger in an air or marine device operated by a duly licensed commercial airline or shipping line on a scheduled passenger trip over its established passenger route, or scheduled air service over an established route;
  21. Immunizations, (cost of vaccine, allergens and determination of susceptibility);
  22. Laser treatment for the purpose or corrective eye refraction;
  23. Purchase or lease of durable medical equipment, and oxygen dispensing equipment;
  24. Expenses for any kind of the following:
    1. Extra bed or pillow;
    2. Extra tray or food;
    3. Rental of any entertainment equipment or facility, including televisions sets, radios, and audio players;
    4. Charges for copies of hospital records;
    5. Newspaper;
    6. Telephone calls/ cellular phone calls/ other electronic gadgets/ WiFi (except if free);
    7. Acete de mansanilla, efficascent oil, valda pastilles, sebo de macho, soap for skin disease and the like;
    8. Other similar charges not related to the direct medical treatment of the patient;
  25. Medical or surgical procedures which are experimental in nature or not generally accepted as standard medical treatment by the medical profession, which may include but is not limited to chiropractic services, chelation therapy, herbal treatment and acupuncture;
  26. All expenses incurred by the Member in the process of organ donation and transplantation, unless the Member is the recipient of such donation or transplantation;
  27. Routine physical examinations required in school, insurance and government licensing, physical examination related to pre-employment, visa application and the like; or
  28. Expenses in connection with pregnancy resulting in childbirth, miscarriage (abortion) or caesarean section, pre-natal or post-natal care or and services and supplies performed or prescribed on account of the following complications or pregnancy:
    1. Toxemia of pregnancy
    2. Eclampsia of pregnancy
    3. Extra-uterine pregnancy
    4. Hyperemesia gravidarum
    5. Hydatidiform Mole
    6. Ectopic Pregnancy
    7. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (D.I.C)

Yes, you can still avail of EasyHIP to augment the existing HMO benefits.

Yes, if any of the cards is not enough to cover the cost. If hospital expenses have been covered already by any of the cards, you can no longer use the other card to claim. PhilHealth reimbursements are to be deducted from the hospital charges first before your EasyHIP benefits are applied.

Scenario 1:

     Hospital expense due to confinement: P20,000

     CH has existing HMO card with P20,000 coverage

     CH has EasyHIP Plan 1 with Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) of P10,000

     Hospital expense: P20,000

     Less: HMO card: (P20,000)

     Balance: zero

     Cannot use Easy HIP card to claim P10,000 (MBL)

Scenario 2:

     Hospital expense due to confinement: P20,000

     CH has existing HMO card with P10,000 coverage

     CH has EasyHIP Plan 1 with Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) of P10,000

     Hospital expense: P20,000

     Less: HMO card: (P10,000)

                EasyHIP card: (P10,000)

     Balance: zero

Yes, your RCBC Supplementary cardholder can avail since he/she is issued with own card even if credit limit is shared with yours as the Principal cardholder. Details of the Supplementary cardholder will be used in the application. Insured/Policy owner should be Supplementary cardholder.

No, your family members cannot avail of EasyHIP because they don’t have their own RCBC credit card. EasyHIP is only available to RCBC cardholders wherein the Insured/Policy owner should be the cardholder.

Easy Health Insurance Plan is underwritten by Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. exclusively for RCBC Credit Cardholders.