Cash Advance

Withdraw cash anytime at any ATM, here and abroad, using your RCBC Credit Card.

How Does Cash Advance Work?
  • A Cash Advance PIN will be mailed to you six (6) months after your cash issuance date. 
  • Withdraw cash up to the extent of your Cash Advance Limit at any ATM bearing the Bancnet logo (for local members) or Cirrus/Plus/JCB/Unionpay (specific to card scheme) using your Cash Advance PIN or through over-the-counter at all Metro Manila and selected provincial branches of RCBC.
  • Every Cash Advance transaction is charged a service fee of ₱200.
    Note that other banks may charge an ATM convenience fee for your Cash Advance transactions.
  • For your safety, never disclose your Cash Advance PIN to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I avail of Cash Advance?

You may avail of Cash Advance six (6) months after your cash issuance date. Your Cash Advance PIN will be mailed to your registered billing address.

I forgot my Cash Advance PIN. Can I reset it?

Your Cash Advance PIN is unique to you and cannot be reset. You may request for a new PIN instead by calling 8888-1888 or send an email to

How will I know my Cash Advance Limit?

You may refer to your Card Carrier or your latest Statement of Account for your updated Cash Advance limit.

What are the fees & charges?

Every Cash Advance transaction is charged a service fee of ₱200. Withdrawals made from non-RCBC ATMs will be charged corresponding fees by Acquirer bank. Fees will vary and depend on the bank. The Acquirer-Based Fee will be on top of the Cash Advance fee of ₱200. To forego being charged Acquirer-Based Fee for Cash Advance transactions, we encourage you to withdraw at any RCBC ATM.

Cash Advance vs. Cash Loan. Which one is best for me?

When in need of urgent cash, you may avail of Cash Advance. But if you need cash for bigger purchases or need a longer payment terms, you may convert your available credit limit to cash and avail of Cash Loan instead.

Note that Cash Loan applications are subject to credit evaluation and approval.

For your Cash Advance PIN concerns, call us at 8888-1888.