Important Advisory on Changes to Credit Card Rates

Effective February 10, 2023, the monthly interest rate on your unpaid balances and cash advance transactions will be 3.0%.

Know more about this upcoming change through these Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will the new monthly interest rate apply only to transactions starting February 10, 2023
No. The new interest rate will be applied to your unpaid credit card balance and new cash advance transactions starting February 10.

To illustrate:
Statement Cycle 15
Previous Statement Date: January 15
Next Statement Date: February 15

The unpaid balance from January 15 Statement Date will incur 2% interest rate from January 16 up to February 9. Starting February 10, the unpaid balance will already incur 3% interest until fully paid.

All unpaid credit card balances, including Cash Advances, Late Charges, and Membership Fees, will use the 3% monthly interest rate starting February 10, 2023.

2. Will the new monthly interest rate also apply to my outstanding installment loan balance (Cash Loan, Your Cash, Balance Transfer, Balance Conversion, Payment Arrangement)?
No. The interest rate that was indicated during your loan availment will still apply.

3. Will the interest rate ceiling on new credit card loan installment transactions (Cash Loan, Your Cash, Balance Transfer, Balance Conversion, Payment Arrangement) also increase?
No. The interest rate for new credit card installment loans will remain to be capped at 1% monthly add-on interest rate in accordance with existing BSP regulations.

4. Will the Cash Advance fee also increase?
No. The Cash Advance fee will continue to be at Php200 or US$4 for Peso and Dollar denominated credit cards, respectively.

Continue to Live Life Unlimited with your RCBC Credit Card by adopting good habits to keep your Card in good standing.

Pay your credit card bill on time and online.
Make sure you don’t miss your due date either by setting calendar reminders or enrolling your credit card in Automatic Debit Arrangement. Late or missed payments are one of the top things you should avoid, as you’ll not only gather interest, but it may also hurt your credit reputation. It’s also best to go online when paying for your monthly credit card dues – it's hassle-free, secure, and saves you time.

Pay more than the Minimum Amount Due.
We highly encourage you to pay more than the Minimum Amount Due, if not the Total Amount Due, to avoid paying a lot more in interest and a longer time to repay the balance.

Manage your budget better with Unli Installment.
Simplify big, straight purchases by splitting them into hassle-free installment payments of up to 36 months with just a few taps with the RCBC Digital app.

Rack up your Rewards.
Aside from your everyday purchases, you also earn Rewards Points from your utility bills payment! Charge your bills automatically or on-demand via the RCBC Digital App. You can use these rewards points as payment for your card balances. To redeem, just call RCBC Credit Cards Customer Service at +632-8888-1888.