January 2023 Discontinuance of Selected Co-Brand Cards

Please be informed that we have stopped issuing the following Co-Brand cards, and all exclusive co-brand-related features and benefits shall also be discontinued, effective immediately. 

RCBC Bankard Fully Booked Mastercard
RCBC Bankard HBC Mastercard
RCBC Bankard LJC Mastercard
RCBC Bankard Wilcon Mastercard
RCBC Bankard Sta. Lucia Mall Mastercard*

For existing Co-Branded cardholders, we shall be upgrading / converting your Co-Brand Card to a product that is suited to your lifestyle.

For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below:

  1. Should the supplementary card be converted as well if the principal cardholder requests for a replacement / renewal?
    Yes. Supplementary cards will also be converted to the same card brand as that issued to the principal cardholder. Conversely, if a supplementary cardholder requests for a replacement, the principal card should also be converted simultaneously with the supplementary card.
  2. Will all the balances from the old card be transferred to the new RCBC Credit Card?
    Yes. All balances will be transferred from the old card to the new RCBC Credit Card INCLUDING ALL PREVIOUS PAYMENTS AND NEW PURCHASES MADE.
  3. What will happen to existing subscriptions / ADA such as Fast BillsPay, Spotify, Netflix, etc.?
    All existing subscriptions will be discontinued and will have to be re-enrolled by the cardholder on his/her new RCBC Credit Card.
  4. Can the cardholder still pay for Your Cash using his/her new card?
    Yes, cardholders can still pay using the same Your Cash account number since this will stay the same.
  5. What should be done if the cardholder does not want the recommended card?
    Any core card is possible depending on the cardholder’s existing credit limit. Please refer to the matrix below:
Classic< ₱50,000
Gold₱50,000 to < ₱100,000
Platinum< ₱1,000,000
World/ Infinite₱1,000,000 and up
  1. Instead of getting a Card, can the cardholder just request to transfer the Credit Limit of his/her Co-Brand Card to his her other RCBC Credit Card?
    For multiple-carded cardholders who do not want to have their cards converted to a CORE card, they have an option of transferring the limit of the co-brand card to their preferred card.

*Updated as of January 26, 2023 – Included RCBC Bankard Sta. Lucia Mall Mastercard